Jonathan The Porcupine Interview

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Jonathan The Porcupine Interview by Jonathan Antoine

Jonathan Antoine has released his new book ‘Jonathan The Procupine’ with Cathie Gebhart.

Jonathan the Porcupine’ was inspired by the story of Jonathan Antoine as told on Britain’s Got Talent.

His story of being bullied for his looks resonated with so many people.  It’s not often that body image issues for boys are discussed.

They are expected to just handle the bullying that happens.  We know that the results of bullying can be tragic, and it’s hoped that by sharing this story, it will help people remember to inspire rather than ignore children.

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The book is part of the ‘Dan the Fish Series’ of children’s books which is a collaborative effort of many people who dealt with learning and physical issues in school. The books are divided into three parts.

The first is a story about an animal that has a problem similar to those that children with disabilities face every day. The second part is a reflection from a child’s perspective. The third part is a brief introduction of the adult who helped inspire the story.

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The purpose of the books is to inspire all children to be who they are.

Presented in a creative manner, the ‘Dan the Fish Series’ hopes to show kids that there are others like them, who felt like they do, and that they too can overcome their challenges and difficulties.

Here’s Alex & Jonathan at the St Pancras Hotel in London:

These books can also be used as discussion starters in the classroom, for those in teaching programs and anyone working with people with disabilities. The hope is that this series will bring understanding, encourage compassion, and help to end bullying of all children.

Interview by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 13th November 2017.