Review IMAGINARIUM by David Goldrake

Review IMAGINARIUM by David Goldrake…

Award-winning magician David Goldrake opened his new show at the Tropicana Las Vegas in June 2017.

This world renowned & respected magician, from Luxembourg, presents ‘Imaginarium’ inside the legendary Tropicana Theatre nightly at 7pm.

With a cast of dancers and circus spec acts, David offers a big production of grand illusion, but, the show has an intimate feel in this beautiful modern showroom.

Imaginarium begins with a surreal dream sequence. The show uses a cleverly scripted narrative to include his biggest illusions via this immersive story.

There’s close-up too and the audience interact throughout. The use of 3D mapping makes the show look stunning in places.

We went to meet David backstage to find out what we should expect from his new show. Don’t miss IMAGINARIUM at Tropicana Las Vegas…

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Enjoy an EXCLUSIVE preview & interview with Alex & David via YouTube:

David, being European, has an effortless elegance and class on stage. He’s not doing the often popular ‘whip them into a frezy’ Vegas nonsense for effect. The show speaks for itself.

Goldrake uses his subtle humour and charm to drive the show. He looks totally at ease on stage.

Physically Goldrake looks great and uses it to his advantage, the costumes are lovely and the lighting is hugely effective.

I’m not certain the name ‘Imaginarium’ is anything but confusing to the public, however, ‘you gotta have a gimmick’ and the notion of mystique & the unknown always works well in magic.

The show has all of the most popular elements of magic from escape, levitation, showgirls appearing and disappearing and thankfully no card tricks. Phew.

The audience loved the ‘make my husband disappear’ segment. Perfect for family Vegas audiences.

Here’s Alex & David @ Tropicana Las Vegas:

David Goldrake is clearly a pro who has worked hard to master his craft.

He absolutely deserves his huge stage in Las Vegas.

Interview recorded 29th May 2017 by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio.