Review Carrot Top Luxor 2017

REVIEW Carrot Top Luxor Las Vegas 2017…..

Carrot Top is once again Celebrity Radio’s “Best Comedian 2017!”

This is the fourth consecutive year Mr. Top has made us laugh more than anyone else in Sin City (by a mile)!

Carrot has remarkable warmth and unique high energy that is so infectious you cannot help but have an amazing night at the Luxor.

As well as music bits & props, Carrot is constantly adding to the show with topical references about Ellen, Trump, Rosie and more.

He’s creative, inventive, off-the-wall and NEVER stops perfecting, developing and evolving his show! You cannot see the same show twice.

The award-winning comedy of Scott Thompson was born to be in Las Vegas.

He’s a unique star of epic proportions who deserves to reign as King of Comedy in Las Vegas.


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Enjoy an EXCLUSIVE interview with Carrot Top & Alex Belfield:

Carrot makes fun of everyone, including himself. The show moves at 100mph so pay attention…every word counts!

It’s no wonder that he has a sell out show in the entertainment capital of the world.

His show is fast paced, all killer no filler and leaves you elated and aching with laughter.

Here’s Carrot & Alex at the Luxor Las Vegas:

Carrot Top Alex Belfield 2015

Carrot Top describes himself as a culmination of George Carlin (“observational humor”), Steven Wright (“dark, sick humor”) and Gallagher (“the props”).

Whatever his style, Carrot Top – with his trademark mop of red hair – is rocking Luxor Las Vegas right now!

Don’t miss this inventive comedy genius in Las Vegas!

Carrot performs nightly at 8pm at Luxor Las Vegas

Review by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 16th May 2017.