Review Gordie Brown Live PH 2017

Review Gordie Brown Live PH 2017…

Gordie Brown is back centre strip after years at the Golden Nugget & Venetian!

One of our favourite Vegas Stars – this man is a brilliant talent, entertainer & singer who was born to headline Las Vegas.

With a remarkable energy, Gordie is one of the worlds best impressionists who effortless packs more impersonations into his show than any other mimic in history!

Seamlessly going from Michael Jackson, Prince, Ozzy, Elvis and Willie Nelson – this is one of the most slick acts in the worlds. It’s inspiring to see Gordie Live.

Performing nightly at 5.30pm at the Sin City Theatre at Planet Hollywood Las Vegas – you’re in the presence of showbiz royalty.

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Enjoy our exclusive review via YouTube:

This long-running Vegas impressionist is back onstage at Planet Hollywood. To see Gordie in such an intimate showroom was thrilling although slightly bitter sweet.

Gordie no longer has a huge band, production or theatre, which does change the feel of the show. Gordie is great at adlib and having a Live band gave him infinite options to change and work the room on a dime.

Nevertheless, halving the size of his showroom is to the audiences advantage as we get up close and very personal! He sees everything so do not think about checking your phone unless you want to be part of the show!

Gordie has 30 years of experience and confidence. He has a line for everything and that is genius.

“Gordie Brown Live,” performs at 5.30pm nightly (dark Mondays and Fridays) with tickets set at $59.95, $69.95 and $79.95, not including fees.

The Sin City Theatre is on the second-floor, mezzanine level of the hotel, across from Planet Hollywood Showroom. Gordie admits it’s not easy to find. He happily makes fun of his location, showroom & lack of band to the audiences delight.

Brown’s new production is intimate with just a pianist, however, it doesn’t matter. Gordie is effortlessly charismatic and his energy and talent is intoxicating.

This Canadian-born impressionist has actually played Planet Hollywood before, for eight months in 2008 at V Theater at Miracle Mile Shops. It doesn’t matter the venue, Gordie is the epitome of a Vegas Star – give him a microphone and he can perform anywhere.

This may be Brown’s smallest stage, however, his enormous talent can fill any room and this is a rare chance to see such a natural born entertainer in a perfect intimate Vegas showroom.

Gordie Brown is in my top 5 favourite Vegas Stars EVER.

Don’t miss him during your trip to Sin City!

Review by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 4th October 2017.