Review PARANORMAL Frederic Da Silva

Review PARANORMAL Frederic Da Silva Bally’s Las Vegas…

Paranormal by Frederic Da Silva @ Bally’s Las Vegas is a 5* remarkable one man show performed at 4pm daily.

This – in a nutshell – is simply a sensational, memorable, engaging, utterly brilliant and mind blowing production!

FDS defies belief! He’s a remarkable performer who has dedicated his life to the craft of magic, hypnosis, misdirection, NLP & performance.

He’s a world class performer who is the epitome of a Las Vegas headliner. His show was born to be performed in Sin City.

Frederic has warmth, charm & is effortless with the audience. His entire 70 minute production relies on his guests, and he makes their inclusion look easy.

He’s beyond slick and that is down to 1000’s of hours of crafting and polishing his beautiful act.

This show is Celebrity Radio’s “BEST AFTERNOON & MENTALISM SHOW 2017!”


Paranormal Las Vegas Mind Reader Magician Frederic Da Silva Review PARANORMAL Frederic Da Silva Bally's Las Vegas Las Vegas Mind Reader Frederic Da Silva

Enjoy our EXCLUSIVE review via YouTube:

Frederic Da Silva, born in Portugal, has combined his supernatural skills to produce a breath-taking, audience participation lead showstopper called PARANORMAL!

This isn’t ‘make a helicopter disappear’ type of show – it’s more personal, clever, emotional, challenging and creative.

It will make you question your own reality. It will have you asking “how the hell did he do that?!”

It is therefore not surprising that he has some of the best reviews on the Strip and is indeed in the ‘Top 5 Best Shows’ in Las Vegas on Tripadvisor.

Frederic is a remarkable entertainer – such energy, positivity and an overall polished performance.

He has natural warmth. His French accent is charming and infectious, and creates big laughs and moments during the show.

The audience simply love him during his often sell-out production upstairs in the Windows Showroom at Bally’s Las Vegas.

This show moves at 100mph – all killer no filler – so rare with hypnotism and this type show.

Review Bally's Frederic Da Silva Las Vegas 

Enjoy an EXCLUSIVE life story interview with Alex and Frederic via YouTube:

Frederic has spent his life perfecting his craft and it has paid off perfectly.

He’s dreamed of being a Las Vegas headliner his entire life and he’s made it…for over 7 years – a remarkable achievement especially considering 30 shows closed last year alone in the worlds most competitive town for show business. He makes it look so easy!

The show keeps you on the edge of your seat and should you choose, you will most probably end up being the star of the show.

His mind reading abilities take this type of show to another level! An inspiring production.

Here’s Alex & Frederic:

Frederic Da Silva Alex Belfield Las Vegas

Whether it’s your favourite random word or the number of your specific $1 bill – he will know it before you will!

Don’t miss Paranormal at Bally’s.

A 5* performer with the most compelling new show we’ve seen in years!

Review by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 18th May 2017.