17 Carnations: The Windsors, The Nazis and The Cover-Up

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Andrew Morton is an English journalist and writer who has published biographies of royal figures such as Diana, Princess of Wales, and celebrity subjects including Tom Cruise, Angelina Jolie and Monica Lewinsky.

Born in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, Morton attended grammar school, then studied history at the University of Sussex.

He was a tabloid journalist and worked for three London tabloids, the Daily Star, News of the World, and Daily Mail, until 1987.

Andrew Morton most famously wrote a biography of Diana, Princess of Wales called Diana: Her True Story.

His latest book, 17 Carnations: The Royals/Windsors, The Nazis And The Biggest Cover-Up In History, explores the connection between Nazi Germany and King Edward VIII and his wife Wallis Simpson.

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Morton received public attention after Diana’s death, when he revealed the extent of her collaborations with him. He achieved greater prominence in the United States after the publication of Monica’s Story.

Diana, Her True Story became an international best seller, translated into 37 languages while his portrait of Monica Lewinsky, the woman behind the blue dress in the Clinton White House and Tom Cruise took the number one slot on the New York Times best sellers.

17 Carnations The Windsors, The Nazi's and the cover-up Andrew Morton Interview

The winner of numerous awards, including Investigative Journalist of the Year, Author of the Year and Scoop of the Year, Morton’s latest book is 17 Carnations, the fascinating story of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, their Nazi links and the attempted cover up by the Allies to stop the story ever appearing before the public.

Interview recorded by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 10th March 2015.