4 Rivers Smokehouse Orlando Review

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4 Rivers Smokehouse is one of the most popular restaurants in Florida with people cueing around the block for their unique smoked sandwiches of beautiful angus brisket, pulled pork, Texas sausage and St. Louis style Ribs.

This relaxed restaurant is a very high end ‘fast food’ self service dinner. The food is freshly prepared while you wait and has a dedicated team who make every sandwich exactly as you like it.

Do try the Texas Ribs, they’re excellent with corn, cheese grits & sweet potato casserole sides.


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I dare you to try the Smoked Jalapenos wrapped in bacon with cheese…they’ll blow your mind!

The desserts are tremendous at the ‘Sweet Shop’! They may not help your diet but they’re all freshly made in-house and are the perfect end to your meal. The ‘Coconut Bombe’ & ‘Red Velvet Cupcake’ are two of the most delicious finale’s to a meal ever!


This restaurant is very affordable, fun and of exceptional quality. Don’t miss 4 Rivers Smokehouse!

John Rivers never set out to create the most successful BBQ chain in Florida. He’s not a classically trained chef or graduate of culinary school. It was in Texas that he found the two loves of his life: his wife and the delicate art of brisket.

And it’s been those very two godsends that inspired 4 Rivers as we know it.

John spent 20 years in the healthcare industry before retiring as president of a billion-dollar company. During that time, he had the opportunity to travel the country, honing his taste and talent for brisket perfection.

As he soaked up the flavors and practices of ‘cue fare countrywide, John’s dream of de-regionalizing BBQ was born.

Review Jan 2014 by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio.