40 Is Not The New 20 Riviera Vegas Exclusive Matt Kazam Interview

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s 40 Is Not The New 20 Riviera Vegas Exclusive Matt Kazam Interview….

Starring 25-year comedy veteran Matt Kazam in a hysterically funny, 70 minute one-man stand-up comedy production, 40 Is Not The New 20 explores how much the world has changed in the past 40 plus years.

If you remember the boom box, “Pac Man,” the Rubik’s Cube and when there were only three stations on television, this show is for you.

It puts the notion that 40 is the new 20 on trial and breaks down the concept into categories such as technology, the media, politics, relationships, our priorities and even how our bodies have changed over the years.

Everyday topics like marriage, parenting, work, commuting, bills and exercise, just to name a few, will be compared and contrasted though the eyes of a 40 year old.

Matt Kazam Life Story Interview Stand-up comedian 40 is not the new 20 at Riviera Las Vegas Matt Kazam interview

Enjoy an Exclusive life story interview with Matt Kazam on the phone from Las Vegas….

Matt Kazam has performed in many of America’s top comedy clubs, casinos and theaters. With more than 6,000 stand-up performances in 45 states under his belt, Kazam has the ability to work any crowd in any venue.

A New York native, Kazam began performing shows for his family and friends at the age of three, but it wasn’t until graduating college that he took the plunge as a full-time comedian.

He’s made several television appearances, including NBC’s “Last Comic Standing,” FOX’s “Big Red Couch” and “Comedy Central’s “Stand-up Stand-up,” among others.

He’s opened for such notable acts as Chris Rock, Pauly Shore, Kevin James, Robin Williams, DL Hughley and Drew Carey.

Interview recorded by Alex Belfield 29th September 2014 for Celebrity Radio.