Candlelight Christmas Tour Russell Watson

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Candlelight Christmas Tour Russell Watson Interview 2014

Russell Watson is back on tour for Christmas 2014 with his ‘Candlelight Cathedral Tour 2014’.

This stunning tenor, ‘The Voice’, has become one of the worlds best selling classical artists selling out for over 10 years across the UK.

Here’s Alex & Russell’s Exclusive chat from September 2014 talking about the Christmas and answering the BIG question – has Russell removed his facial hair???????…..

Here’s Russell’s dates for Christmas 2014:

November 24 – Durham Cathedral
November 25 – Glasgow Cathedral
November 27 – North Wales Asaph
November 28 – Beverley Minster
December 1 – Derby Cathedral
December 2 – Norwich Cathedral
December 5 – Brighton St Georges Church
December 6 – Guildford Cathedral
December 8 – London Union Chapel
December 9 – Bristol St Georges
December 13 – Liverpool Cathedral
December 15 – Manchester Monastery

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Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Exclusive interview with Alex & Russell from 2014

Through marriage, divorce, children, life threatening illness, recovery, performing for Presidents, Royalty & Prime Ministers – he’s done it all and we’ve followed his story through the incredible highs and devastating lows.

He’s had 5 Platinum & 3 Gold albums amongst 10 releases since 2000.

In 2014 returns to the stage with his brand new tour celebrating his life in music & fight for survival featuring recent hit album from the creators of Les Miserables – ‘Only One Man’.

Alex Belfield first interviewed Russell in 2000 for the BBC. They immediately had a connection and have always had great fun on air ever since through Belfield’s many radio stations.

Interview Russell Watson Alex Belfield

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Alex says “Russell is not only one of the most breathtakingly talented Stars I’ve ever met, he’s also one of the most kind, funny and inspiring people on earth”.

“You cannot fail to be impressed by his humility, tenacity and God given beautiful voice. To see Russ so happy, content and successful is a true joy!”

Recorded June 2014 by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio.