ABSINTHE Review Caesars Palace

Review Absinthe Caesars Palace…

ABSINTHE is the worlds most brilliant, beautiful, breath-taking, shocking and un-PC cabaret in history.

Mixing R18 comedy & stunning circus acts, this intimate show is one of Las Vegas’ most outrageous productions performing twice nightly at Caesars Palace.

So, what is ABSINTHE? Well it’s crude, rude, R18, stunning and 5* fantastic!

It’s modern, cool and sexy. It’s funny, naughty and at times outrageous. A perfect night out.

This is a truly original & creative show born to be in Las Vegas blending spectacle with traditional vaudeville schtick & 2017 cutting comedy.

Gays, ugly guys with hot women, lesbians, Asians and black people are all mercilessly made fun of throughout by hosts ‘The Gazillionaire’ & Penny….without apology!

Featuring wild, outlandish & sexy acts on an intimate, circular stage – you’re almost guaranteed to have one of the best nights in a Las Vegas theatre!


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Here’s the Gazillionaire & Joy in an exclusive interview via YouTube:

Once you enter the Spiegel tent, you’re transported to a whole different world where the energy is loud and sensational, the acts are spectacular and the insults are cutting!

There’s a gorgeous singer Melody Sweets who steals the show with amazing vocals!

Here’s Alex with the Gazillionaire & Joy….

Alex Belfield Absinthe Gazillionaire Joy 2014

Though this racy, this adults-only show is downright hilarious, it’s definitely not for timid or conservative audiences!

One of my favourite acts has to be ‘Billy & Emily England’ who do the most sensational skating act.

From a circus family in Birmingham England, like all ‘spec acts’, they’ve dedicated their lives to perfecting this remarkable 7 minutes of perfect, dangerous and mind-blowing theatre….

ABSINTHE has all the elements of an R-rated comedy, but with class acts delivering glamour and allure.

The performances amaze and inspire.

The eccentric cast members evoke thrills and chills, all while executing amazing feats of virtuosity, strength, balance and danger.


One minute you’re witnessing a stylish, sexy burlesque number, the next you’re seeing aerialists performing depth-defying stunts.

Hosted by the foul-mouthed Gazillionaire and his wild assistant Joy Jenkins, Absinthe delivers jaw-dropping acts and raunchy comedy fun mixed with old world burlesque.


Review by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 21st May 2017.