Al Murray Interview 2019 Fat Cops

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Al Murray Interview 2019 Fat Cops…

Al Murray is the world class comedian and drummer for a new band called Fat Cops! They launched their self-titled debut album on March 1st 2019.

Hailed by Mojo as “a hazy summer groove for pants-swingers of all ages”,  this album has an effortlessly uplifting vibe – born to be performed live.

The new album has a familiar feelgood vibe driven by clever lyrics, immersive musicality & powerful delivery from lead singer Chris Deerin throughout. The ‘talky’ bits throughout add to the fun of recording and the chilled feel.

Despite being a drummer since being a boy, Murray is best known as one of the UK’s most loved comedians and presenters. ‘The Pub Landlord’ continues to reach huge audiences on TV and on tour.

Al will tour as ‘The Pub Landlord’ from May. GET TOUR DATES HERE

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Enjoy an exclusive interview with Al via YouTube:

Fat Cops are a six-piece featuring Chris Deerin [lead vocals], Robert Hodgens aka Bobby Bluebell [guitars and vocals], Chris “Bass Chris” Ayre [bass and vocals], Euan McColm [guitars], Al Murray [drums and vocals] and Neil Murray [keys].

Hodgens, who rose to fame with The Bluebells, has worked with stars including Brian Wilson, Bananarama, Sinead O’Connor, Ian McCulloch, Texas, and countless others. He said: “We had a blast making this record and I can’t wait for everyone to hear it.”

Collectively this 90’s feel style perfectly shines with songs like “My saving grace”, “I love girls” & “Fat City” –  which shine. Deerin’s effortless delivery has a serenity of Lightfoot, Morrison & Albarn.

Al Murray, a drummer since childhood, said: “When Bass Chris played me those Wee Besoms tracks, I was blown away. Listening to Eunice Strange’s drumming was mind blowing and when Chris suggested we try to capture something of the band, I was in.”

Interview by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 4th March 2019