4* Review Disney Aladdin West End

4* Review Disney Aladdin West End…

Aladdin The Musical is Disney’s newest smash hit Broadway extravaganza. Tonight we went to sample the West End cast.

Think Pantomime on steroids!

With killer gags & zingers, a polished script, stunning choreography & a lovely score – it’s not surprising it was COMPLETELY sold out tonight – 1650 seats!

Based on the Disney cartoon, this is the universal story of love overcoming class, money and status.

With remarkable dance numbers, laugh out loud comedy from the Genie and beautiful orchestra – it’s the perfect musical for all of the family captivating 5 to 90+….for very different reasons.

Featuring a beautifully designed flying carpet scene to ‘A Whole New World’ – this 4* magical musical will melt your heart by the uplifting finale.

This doesn’t have the power, sincerity, heart, beauty or timeless joy of The Lion King, but, it’s still a fabulously fun night out.

This show will close August 31st 2019.


Review Aladdin Prince Edward West End (12)
Review Aladdin Prince Edward West End (6)
4* Review Aladdin Prince Edward West End

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Exclusive Preview of Aladdin on Broadway via YouTube:

Dean John-Wilson Stars as Aladdin. He’s obviously the epitome of a handsome prince, physically commanding, charming and has a nice voice.

Tonight Oliver Lidert stole the show as the Genie. He really is the backbone of the play driving the heart and comedy with 100% energy and charisma.

Don Gallagher was delicious as the appallingly manipulative Jafar & Peter Howe as Iago was a divine comedy sidekick.

Jasmin was played tonight by the beautiful Marsha Songcome.

(Photos original cast with Dean & Jade Ewen)

Review Aladdin Prince Edward West End
West End Cast Aladdin Review Prince Edward Theatre
Review Aladdin Prince Edward West End Jade Jasmine

To begin I wasn’t sure that this show was for me. It takes a good 30… OK 45 minutes before the magic happens – literally. Be patient, it’s worth it….

This show doesn’t have the jaw dropping Lion King brilliance, nor does it have the set of Mary Poppins, however, once ‘The Genie’ leaves the bottle – the Broadway pizzazz begins and it is clear why this is the hottest ticket in town.

The costumes, lighting and stage are all remarkable. You can see your (£100+) ticket (for best seats), in front of your eyes!

Review Aladdin Prince Edward West End
Review Aladdin Prince Edward West End
Aladdin Prince Edward West End Review

Aladdin is a sure fire hit in the West End – it’s the feel good musical of 2016.

Some of the magical elements of the show are terrific. There are many incredibly sophisticated tricks and illusions throughout.

Pure Disney genius in front of your eyes.

Review Aladdin Prince Edward West End (9)

What I loved most about Aladdin was the script. There truly are laugh out loud moments that even the Dad’s will enjoy.

I love the theatre ‘in’ gags as well as the facetious and sarcastic asides that make this show so palatable for grown ups….the kids will too, but they may not know why!

The kids will love the beauty and silliness of the show, it’s basically a glorified pantomime with a phenomenal cast, set and budget.

Aladdin Review West End London 4

We must mention Alan Menken’s music. It truly is gorgeous with beautiful new tracks like ‘Proud Of Your Boy’ epitomising the Disney magic and Broadway standard. The orchestra were the cherry on the cake.

Sadly tonight there were parts where on occasions certain members of the cast were pitchier than a fart. I guess this is a by-product of the high energy choreography and complexity of the score. I don’t remember this being an issue on Broadway though.

So, will Aladdin have the legacy of The Lion King and last 20 years, probably not, but it’s definitely worth seeing – especially if you’ve got children and need a guaranteed hit.

Review by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 24th August 2016.

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