Review Alan Carr 2015 Tour DVD Yap Yap Yap

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Review Alan Carr 2015 Tour DVD Yap Yap Yap….

It’s Alan – He’s back on tour with ‘Yap Yap Yap’ through Dec 12th with a new DVD out November 16th 2015.

What’s genius about this tour, instead of doing money grabbing arenas, he’s doing 2 or 3 nights in theatre’s which feels so much more personal, intimate and chatty.

Celebrity Radio visited the show at the Birmingham Hippodrome and it was a sell out 5* stand-up triumph.

What Alan has more than any other ‘mega-star comic’ in 2015 is likability. You can’t fail to fall in love with his ebullience, excitement, effortless camp old nonsense and charm.

This isn’t Shakespeare – it’s relatable observation presented by Mr. Warmth.


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Hear Alan in conversation with Alex Belfield:

Carr shot to fame on C4 in 2005 with Justin Lee Collins on ‘The Friday Night Project’. Since then he’s become the king of chat and the channel’s biggest Star with his informal, irreverent and cheeky style.

I first saw Alan Live in 2004 and was amazed by his charaisma. He has jokes, punch-ines and faultless interaction with his punters. Rare.

The truth is that nothing has changed with Alan since his early days in tiny clubs. He’s kept his relatable normality despite becoming a multi-millionaire on the A-List of British Showbiz.

Alan’s brand new show (totally new material) was created from endless tester warm-up gigs in the Spring. He’s literally crafted the show to perfection with a 2 hour master-class in stand-up.

With material including Travel Advisor reviews, dentists, supermarkets, mincers leg & massage to insulting TV job offers, holiday’s on safari with his Mum and even finding true love after 15 years – he brings us up to date with his life since ‘Spexy Beast’ – his last record breaking arena extravaganza.

Alan Carr Yap Yap Yap 2015 Tour Dates Interview

So, unsurprisingly this is a rave review. Alan has just got it. He doesn’t need a flashy set or fancy suit – why waste money on that? He’s got gags, and tons of them!

Most importantly Alan makes fun of himself and has absolutely no arrogance or pretention on stage. That is gold dust to British audiences. The ludicrous self-mockery was adored by the Birmingham sell-out crowd.

Overall Alan has mastered the art of delivery. A joyous two hours watching a master celebrate his craft. 5* for Yap Yap Yap!

Uploaded 12th September 2015 – Interview & picture 2009.