Aled Jones & Russell Watson Interview 2019

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Aled Jones & Russell Watson Interview 2019…

Aled & Russell are two of the most talented vocalists in British history.

In 2018 they came together ‘In Harmony’ for a new duets album and they’re back in 2019 with a new album and UK TOUR.

We went to meet them at the London Palladium…


Enjoy an exclusive interview with Aled & Russell recorded at the London Palladium:

Following their UK tour on Nov 1st, Aled and Russell have once again returned to the studio with international platinum selling producer Ian Tilley.

A&R continue their joint musical journey, which in the spirit of their first record, ‘In Harmony’, sees them have a lot of fun in the studio recording some of their favourite standards and arias for, ‘Back In Harmony’.

Watch highlights of the UK TOUR at the Palladium HERE:

We adore Aled & Russell. Individually two of the nicest, hardest working and talented men in showbiz.

We’re thrilled with their sellout success as ‘Aled & Russell’.

Interview by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 22nd September 2019.