Alex Belfield Hoovering Live On The BBC

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Alex Belfield Hoovering Live On The BBC…..

During a Live programme on BBC Radio Shropshire, Belfield dropped his glass on the floor and it smashed.

Now, any other DJ would have played two records and clean it up – not Alex Belfield!

Apparently the news presenter involved was LIVID and refused to work with Belfield again.

BBC types have absolutely NO sense of humour! It’s a shame….

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Here’s a classic clip from BBC Radio Shropshire…..

Alex Belfield is an Entertainer and Broadcaster from Nottingham who has worked for over 80 radio stations in the UK and several around the world.

Alex celebrates 20 years in entertainment in 2014 having performed around the world including warm-up for ITV.

His website Celebrity Radio attracted over 7.4 million minutes viewed via YouTube last year.

Belfield has travelled the world to interview Stars including Dame Edna, Donny Osmond, Andrea Bocelli, Jerry Springer, Ozzy & Sharon, The Duchess Of York & 100’s more.

He is currently a freelance journalist with stories published in the Mail On Sunday, Sun On Sunday, Sunday Mirror, Sunday Express Daily Star, Sun and People.

Alex has worked around the world on the radio and in the UK locally for Touch FM, Mansfield FM, Scarlet FM and Mercia FM. He’s worked regionally for Century 106 and nationally for Capital Gold from London.

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Recorded by Alex Belfield for the BBC and Celebrity Radio.