Alex Belfield Radio Phone In

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Alex Belfield Radio Phone In…..

For nearly 20 years Alex Belfield has been presenting phone-ins on the radio across the UK.

Alex reckons nothing compares to talking to the public. He loves his punters….

“You cannot beat hearing real stories from incredible people. I’m blessed to get the publics time, honesty & insight. Everyday is an education.

Just when I think I’ve heard it all and can’t be shocked or surprised….the phone keeps ringing”

They key to being a great phone-in DJ is to shut up and listen.  It’s truly the best gig in Show Business!

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Here’s some incredible life stories from Live callers to the ‘Alex Belfield Late Night Revolution’….

1) The 24 Stone Man…..

2) Raped By School Caretaker….

Here’s Alex in 2015:

Alex Belfield Profile 2016

3) Broadmore Armed Robbery Prisoner….

4) Killing Puppies Dope….

Here’s Alex in 2015:

Alex Belfield Celebrity Radio

5) Bradford Football Club fire…..

Here’s Alex in Vegas in October 2015:

Alex Belfield Christmas

6) Should Single Mothers Get Benefits….

7) Alcoholic Mother Drunk @ 7am….

Here’s Alex in 2015:

Alex Belfield 2015 2016 Tour

8) Man With 7 Year Erection…..

Here’s Alex in Las Vegas 2015:

Alex Belfield Celebrity Radio

9) BNP….

10) Ban Gays From Hotels….

Here’s Alex in 2015:

Alex Belfield Celebrity Radio

11) Dad Beats Son For Being Gay….

12) Wife Caught Having Affair @ CCTV…..

13) The Dominatrix….

Here’s Alex @ Celebrity Radio:

Alex Belfield Christmas

14) Man Who Thinks He’s Pregnant….

Here’s Alex Belfield in Vegas in 2015:

Alex October 2015 (3)

17) Sex Phone-In

18) Swingers Club / Male Porn Star….

19) Alex loves whacky callers but when they’re drunk they can be a cross between impossible & hysterical. Here’s Linda a little tipsy….

20) Iraq Soldier Simon Brown Shot In Face…..

21) Dana The Transexual….

22) Bonkers Pete from Coventry….

23) Life In Prison

Hear 100’s of ‘Belfield Best Bits’ @ www.celebrityradio.biz

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