Alex Lowe Interview 2017

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Alex Lowe Interview – Barry From Watford…

Alex Lowe is the face behind ‘Barry From Watford’ – the Star of ‘Steve Wright In The Afternoon’ @ BBC Radio 2.

Lowe made his TV debut in 1981 in Thames TV Theatre Box.

In 1990, Lowe appeared in The Hypochondriac at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and won a First. He played Clinton Baptiste in Peter Kay’s Phoenix Nights and Sparky in That Peter Kay Thing.

On Radio he’s appeared on BBC Radio 2 & 4, XFM, Absolute. Lowe created ‘Barry from Watford’ in 2005. He now has a weekly podcast with Angelos Epithemiou, “The Angelos and Barry Show” which launched in October 2014.

In the Summer of 2017, Barry appears alongside Noel Edmonds on the C4 show “Cheap cheap cheap” where contestants have to choose the cheapest item from a selection of three.

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Enjoy an exclusive interview with Alex & Alex via YouTube:

Lowe began calling London talk radio station LBC 97.3 in 2005, as Barry from Watford. It was during Lowe’s first call that Barry’s wife Margaret (later to be played by Catherine Tate in Barry’s stage show) would be introduced. Barry became popular amongst LBC listeners, who requested that his calls be repeated on future shows.

Since 2006, Alex has also put on live performances called ‘Let’s Talk To Barry’, a 50-minute show telling about life in Watford.

In October 2008 Barry called into Harry Shearer’s Le Show radio show to discuss the American Presidential election, he was credited as ‘Barry Martin’, which Shearer later corrected to ‘Barry Saint-Martin’.

Interview recorded by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 5th September 2017.