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Ali Cook is one of the UK’s top magician’s and actor originating from Yorkshire.

Cook is known best for writing and starring in endless British television magic shows for Channel 4, Channel 5 and Sky1.

Cook is a headliner on the British stand up comedy circuit. His 2010 Edinburgh show “Pieces of strange” was described as “genuinely astounding” Houdini-inspired water tank escape.

His 2011 show Principles and Deceptions was deemed “perfection” and nominated for Broadway Baby’s six-star award.

Ali Cook Interview Magician Ali Cook Life Story interview magician Ali Cook Magician Life Story interview

Enjoy an Exclusive interview with Ali and Alex Belfield via YouTube:

Ali has worked with endless top comedians including Jerry Sadowitz and Derren Brown.

Following on from his role in English period drama Mr Selfridge, Ali Cook stars in Sci fi action thriller The Anomaly alongside Ian Somerhalder. Cook plays “Agent Travis” an American secret service agent hell bent on finding the truth at any cost alongside his partner Agent Elkin, played by Hemsworth.

The Anomaly tells the story of a former soldier who is taken captive and awakens in the back of a van to learn he only has a few moments to figure out how he got there. It’s a unique concept set in the near future that explores the idea of mind control.

As an award winning magician and one of the stars of ‘Penn and Teller: Fool us’ (ITV1) Ali Cook has shocked and amazed us with his unique blend of highly inventive original magic tricks.

Exclusive interview recorded by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 14th July 2014.