Andiamo Italian Steakhouse Review ~ The D Downtown Las Vegas

Joe Vicari’s Andiamo’s Italian Steakhouse is the most famous, loved and popular Italian Steakhouse in Detroit.

It was therefore obvious for the owners of The D (The Detroit / The Derek / The Downtown) to bring this brand to Las Vegas as their premier dining experience.

This fine dining restaurant offers incredibly fresh and internationally sourced ingredients cooked to the highest standard with ‘Mamas’ flair and flavours.

With Andrea Bocelli, Sinatra & Buble gently serenading us in the background, this has to be the ultimate Italian dining experience in Las Vegas.

Joe Vicari's Andiamo Italian Steakhouse Restaurant Review 2014 dining room Joe Vicari's Andiamo Italian Steakhouse Restaurant Review 2014 at The D Las Vegas

Enjoy Alex Belfield’s Exclusive Audio / Visual review via YouTube:

The sophisticated and elegant room, is only enhanced by the first class service. In fact the best, most helpful and warmest service I’ve encountered in 2.5 weeks in Las Vegas.

I genuinely felt my server, Ioan, wanted me to have the best meal of life, if I didn’t – he would have been more disappointed than I. That’s Italian hospitality for you.

So, to the food…..

Andiamo’s food is authentic and rustic. It’s not trying to be Michelin like appearance finger food. This is wholesome, tradition fayre at it’s absolute best.

To begin, for the amuse bouche, Chef offers us the  legendary Caponata – this is eggplant, capers, onion in a  tomato sauce served cold. Such a great introduction to his menu.

Let me be clear, this is an Italian restaurant and in true style the portion sizes are huge. I highly recommend trying one or two dishes and sharing. There is certainly more than enough to go around and no-one will be leaving Andiamo’s hungry.

Andiamo's At The D Las Vegas Review 2014 (5) Andiamo's At The D Las Vegas Review 2014 (4)

Let’s begin….

The legendary Andiamo Grande Meatball was such a delight. So flavoursome, so authentic – the perfect appetiser to share. This was without question the most delicious meatball I’ve ever been served.

As you would absolutely expect from a restaurant of this standard – the sauce is incredible. One of the most loved, delicate tomato sauces I’ve ever tasted. Bravo Andiamo!

Andiamo's At The D Las Vegas Review 2014 (1)

Another Andiamo classic is the Banana Peppers and Homemade Sausage – this again could have come straight out of Italy.

Be warned, this could easily be an entrée.

With a little kick, this is an Neopolatan’s dream dish. The peppers are from Hungary. The sausage  is made in-house which really is remarkable.

Such much fun and beautifully cooked….

Andiamo's At The D Las Vegas Review 2014 (3)

Finally to begin, the  Mozzarella Napoletana is a huge favourite at Andiamo’s.

The sauce is stunning….

Andiamo's At The D Las Vegas Review 2014 (2)

One of  my favourite dishes is the caprese salad. At Andiamo’s they take it to another level.

With their Mozzarella di Bufala Campana DOP flown in – this is truly incredible….

The buffalo tomato’s are also crisp and as fresh as could be.


For those not choosing pasta as a main course, Chef offers a taster which you will love….

Complimentary capalini with palmina sauce.


I could have literally eaten every single thing on this menu, but when my gracious server recommended the Tortellaci, I had to indulge! It was a great choice.

This is a new one for me….

The main ingredient is the Gorgonzolla cheese flown direct from France – packed with flavour, it does not disappoint.

The dish comes with sausage, mushrooms, olives shaved basil….


And finally the legendary Andiamo’s steak. They pride themselves on the heritage of their beef and I can assure you, this is truly the most tender steak I have eaten this year in Las Vegas.

Perfectly cooked (for me) and packed with incredible flavour. The texture was divine.

Andiamo’s also offer their famous zip sauce. It was lovely with a consume of veggies, puree, with butter and a touch of soya sauce and salt & pepper. For me the steak was too good to mess with, however, a lovely addition to the meal nevertheless….

Andiamo's Italian Restaurant At The D Las VEgas (2)

You cannot be on a diet at Andiamo’s – it’s simply not allowed!

DON’T MISS DESSERT! Just wonderful.

This is Andiamo’s twist on the Milky Way…..

Andiamo Restaurant Review Dessert


For me this was the perfect Italian meal.

I was once told that no-one will ever remember what you say but how you made them feel. Andiamo’s made me feel like I mattered, my selection of food mattered and my happiness on departure mattered. They succeeded on all of the above.

Bravo Andiamo! Best Italian restaurant Las Vegas 2014 and one of my favourite dining experiences in a long time.

Review by Alex Belfield at Celebrity Radio 22nd May 2014