Andiron Steak & Sea Restaurant Review

Andiron Steak & Sea Restaurant Review Summerlin Las Vegas….

Andiron is a brand new eatery in Summerlin brought to you by Chef Joe Zanelli, formally of the wonderful Honey Salt.

This restaurant is divine. A gorgeous elegant room with refined delicate & beautifully presented food.

Located 20 minutes from the Las Vegas Boulevard and at the brand new Downtown Summerlin – this is worth the trip with outside and inside dining options.

This restaurant feels fresh, new and has innovative cuisine!

Andiron Steak & Sea Restaurant Review (1) Andiron Steak & Sea Restaurant Review Andiron Steak & Sea Restaurant Review

So, to the food…..

The Fried blue point oysters were sensational. I hate oysters – this was the most delicious delicacy I’ve been served this trip. To find an oyster that isn’t tough is rare – Andiron did this beautifully.

Next, start with ‘The Pineapple Bump’ which is a talking point for sure. It has Absolute vodka & pineapple juice and fever tree soda – wow. What a fabulous start to the meal.

Next came the Yellowtail Crudo was sensationally packed with flavour. Such a beautifully crafted dish. Divine.

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 Andiron Steak & Sea Restaurant Review (5) Andiron Steak & Sea Restaurant Review Appetiser

OK – here we go!

The seared Hudson Valley Foie Gras was my favourite dish I’ve eaten in months. Just sensational. So simple – so delicious!

Chef offered the Foie Gras Custard with brioche – oy vey – this is the epitome of fine dining.

What a dish. Such talent.

foie Gras at Andiron Summerlin (1) Andiron Steak & Sea Restaurant Review foie Gras at Andiron Summerlin (2)

The Alaskan Halibut with morel mushroom sauce with English green peas was a delight. Arguably the most glorious item I tasted.

Sensational flavour and perfectly cooked.

The macaroni and cheese waffle was a naughty delight. I’m sure it’s nutritionally bankrupt but this is dead calories I’m happy to worry about tomorrow. Genius!

Finally, the Rib-eye steak with sauce and glazed shalotts was simple and a lovely dish….

Entree Andiron Restaurant Review Halibut Entree Andiron Restaurant Review Mac and cheese waffle Entree Andiron Restaurant Review Rib eye

Finally, don’t miss dessert!

The ‘Ashley’s Crème Brulee Donuts’ were a house favourite. Crisp, packed with vanilla custard.


This is an excellent 5* restaurant offering exceptional service, quality food and value for money.

I can’t wait to return.

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Review by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 21st May 2015.