Andrew Dice Clay Indestructible 2015 Tour Review

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Andrew Dice Clay Indestructible 2015 Tour Review….

Andrew Dice Clay is one of the most controversial, successful and talented comedians of his generation.

He’s back in 2015 with his ‘Indestructible’ tour and we were thrilled to be invited to see the show at Vinyl, at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Las Vegas.

This man is epitome of a character comedian. He has massive stage presence, huge personality and totally owns / dominates his stage.

The show begins with a video of his rock star like success. Selling out the biggest arenas at 20,00+ in the US, he was truly the biggest name in comedy for his generation.

30 years on he’s completely ignored ‘PC’ and sticks two fingers up at those who object to free speech….no matter how honest, real, graphic or offensice – depending on your opinion.

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This video also exposes his vulnerability and insecurities before performing. I guess this proves ADC is truly an incredibly impressive ‘act’.

I’ve rarely seen anyone have such ease on stage. He’s happy to pause, light a cigarette – take a look at the audience before carrying on. That is brave and almost suicidal for a less expert performer.

His material is deliberately brutal. If you’re on the front row you will most probably become a 20 minute segment of the show. (Poor Joe – he just wanted a quiet night out).

ADC is utterly fearless. If you’re stupid enough to heckle you will lose, I guarantee. I was speechless that 3 idiots tried it last night. Dopes.

What is fascinating is that under the ‘filth’, Andrew is a technician and craftsman of comedy. A faultless gag maker who has one of the quickest minds in the business.

For many years I’ve interviewed comedians who say ‘every show is different’. They rarely are!

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With Dice, it would be absolutely impossible for him to recreate tonight’s show as even he couldn’t remember it! He works off what is in front of him. Very clever.

‘Indestructible’ is totally Live and interactive. For that he has my undying respect.

Dice’s energy is breath taking at times. Remarkable and even worrying for his doctor.

He is shot out of the cannon at times and the toll this must take on his voice is concerning! He can switch it on in a heartbeat.

What makes Dice unique is his warmth on stage. His Brooklyn beginnings have blessed him with charm and character and the hugely loveable accent.

It makes the 100% vile and offensive topics only feel 50% offensive! lol

Dice is a comedy legend and clearly has mastered his craft with many years left in him yet.

The hard of thinking, easily offended and PC brigade should certainly stay away. The poster brags ‘No refunds given under any circumstances’!

Bravo Dice – a master at work.

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Review by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio recorded 8th May 2015.