Andrew Roachford Interview 2016 New Album Encore Tour

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Andrew Roachford Interview New Album Encore Tour…

Ever since bulldozing his way onto the scene with unforgettable tracks like ‘Cuddly Toy’ and ‘Family Man’ in the late 80s, Andrew Roachford’s maverick take on music has spread far and wide.

‘How Could I’ is one of Celebrity Radio’s favourite records EVER!

As the first artist to sign a staggering seven-album deal with Columbia Records, it heralded the beginning of something big. “Getting signed and being a black British artist gave me a sense of pride” enthuses Andrew.

Influenced by everyone from Al Green, Michael Jackson to David Bowie Andrew’s formative years were also spent listening to Radio One, reggae and jazz. Pinpointing the beginning of his musical career as a child he vividly remembers being mysteriously drawn from his bed to play the piano in his living room.

Andrew was Columbia’s biggest selling domestic act for over ten years. As if any more proof were needed, the fact that Andrew Roachford has been approached by such luminaries as Michael Jackson and Chaka Khan to write songs, speaks volumes.

Andrew’s new album is available from March 12th. Get it via Amazon below.


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Enjoy an Exclusive interview with Andrew and Alex Belfield from Feb 2016:

Andrew’s trademark has become his rare ability to put into words, feelings you didn’t even know you had,  And over the year’s, anthems like ‘Lay Your Love Out On Me’, ‘Naked Without You’ and ‘Complicated’ to name but a few have done just that.

Like any artist worth their salt, Andrew Roachford’s music is the result of many things. Raised in south London to West Indian parents, as a child of the 70s and 80s, it’s no wonder that his music sounds the way it does.

Born into a musical dynasty, his uncle Bill Roachford was a virtuoso saxophonist. The musical ball really started to roll however, when Andrew hit the road with his uncle. Playing gigs on the jazz circuit in those days, gave him a good grounding for things to come.

Interview by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 17th Feb 2016.