Andy Goy Exclusive Interview Josie Cunningham Ex-Fiancé

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s EXCLUSIVE Andy Goy Exclusive Interview Josie Cunningham Ex-Fiancé….

Andy Goy, from Nottingham, made headlines after dating controversial ‘celebrity’ Josie Cunningham, getting engaged and now becoming her ex-fiancé.

Josie is best known as the ‘NHS boob job scrounger’. The couple met via a dating website last year and were together for 8 months.

This interview will BLOW YOUR MIND! One of the most honest, X-Rated, real and moving interviews in Celebrity Radio’s history!

Ms. Cunningham has used the press to publically dump Andy and ruin his reputation with various stories about their private life.

Now, for the first time EVER – hear Andy’s side of the story – before, during and after Josie!

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Read the exclusive interview in the Mirror HERE

Hear Alex Belfield’s EXCLUSIVE interview with Andy Goy:


This interview is not pretty. From the love making to the huge rows we discuss it all!

This interview is R18 rated – no holds barred!

Andy for the first time discusses whether Josie is fit to be a mother, using drugs, obsessed with celebrity and ever demands in the bedroom.



Here’s the copy from the Sunday Mirror 10th May 2015:

Andy Goy Interview Mirror Josie Cunningham Exclusive 10th May 2015

Exclusive interview and review by Alex Belfield at Celebrity Radio 8th May 2015.