Anita Shreve Interview

Anita Shreve is an American writer who has written 18 best selling novels. Enjoy an Exclusive interview.

The daughter of an airline pilot and a homemaker, she graduated from Dedham High School in Massachusetts, attended Tufts University and began writing while working as a high school teacher in Reading, MA. One of her first published stories, Past the Island, Drifting, (published in 1975) was awarded an O. Henry Prize in 1976.

Among other jobs, Shreve spent three years working as a journalist in Nairobi, Kenya.

She also taught creative writing at Amherst College in the 1990s.The Pilot’s Wife was selected for Oprah’s Book Club in March 1999. Since then, Shreve’s novels have sold millions of copies worldwide.

Her novel Resistance was turned into the 2003 movie with the same title Resistance, with Bill Paxton and Julia Ormond as the main characters.

In 2014 Ms. Shreve releases her latest novel set during WW1 called ‘The Lives Of Stella Bain’.

Anita Shreve INterview Interview Anita shreve Stella Bain by Anita Shreve Interview

Enjoy a rare, in-depth and Exclusive interview with Anita Live from Maine….

Most recently, her essay “Found Objects” appeared in the anthology “Knitting Yarns: Writers on Knitting,” published by W. W. Norton & Company in 2013.

She lives in New England.

Previous books include:

All He Ever Wanted (2003)
Light on Snow (2004)
A Wedding In December (2005)
Body Surfing (2007)
Testimony (2008)
A Change in Altitude (2009)
Rescue (2010)
Stella Bain (2013)

Recorded March 2014