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Cole Porter’s classic, multi-award winning musical-comedy, Anything Goes sails into town in this brand new production!

When Billy Crocker discovers that his heart’s desire, debutante heiress Hope Harcourt is engaged to an English aristocrat, he stows away aboard the S.S. American to win her back.

Alex Belfield went to meet the Stars on Broadway and in the West End….

Anything Goes Musical Interview
Anything Goes Musical Broadway West End interviews
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Here’s Adam Godley who Starred in the 2011 Broadway production:

Here’s Simon Day who starred in the 2003 West End Production:

Trevor Nunn’s production of Cole Porter’s Anything Goes spent the cold, harsh Winter of 2002 lifting the spirits and warming the hearts of audiences at the Olivier Theatre where it won rave reviews from theatregoers and critics alike.

Now transferred to Drury Lane it is again making toes tap and mouths smile in the auditorium. Matthew Amer caught up with Simon Day, who plays Lord Evelyn Oakleigh, to chat about the show and its similarities to a champagne enema…

“Even if you turn up in a stinking mood, as soon as the overture starts in this show it just cheers you up; it’s extraordinary!” The magical effect of Cole Porter’s uplifting score produced smiles, laughter and even the odd rhythmical sway from the often tough Olivier audiences last winter and is now weaving its spell of unquestioning happiness in the West End at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane.

The loosely strung plot follows the attempts of Billy Crocker to win the heart of his true love by stowing away on the S.S. America to be with her. Thrown in his way are sexy, sassy showgirl Reno Sweeney, who he knows just a little too well, Public Enemy number 13 ‘Moonface’ Martin and Lord Evelyn Oakleigh, the archetypal English aristocrat who, in a cruel twist of fate, happens to be affianced to the woman of Crocker’s dreams.

But the plot of the show is really secondary to the outstanding score that includes songs such as Blow, Gabriel, Blow, You’re The Top, It’s De-lovely and the title tune. The effect they have on audiences is quite astounding. “To see 1,300 people in the Olivier theatre clapping along like demented seals at the end was just an extraordinary thing. That’s what makes me think it’s this unparalleled joy-bringer.”

Recorded 2003 in the West End and 2011 on Broadway by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio.

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