Are Leonardo DiCaprio and Gigi Hadid Dating Exclusively?

Prashant Kumar

Are Leonardo DiCaprio and Gigi Hadid Dating Exclusively?

Speculation surrounding the relationship status of renowned actor Leonardo DiCaprio and supermodel Gigi Hadid has captivated the entertainment industry.

 Recent reports from various sources have sparked a debate, with one source affirming to the Daily Mail that there is no romantic involvement between the two.

 At the same time, insiders shared with Page Six and Us Weekly that the couple is still dating. With conflicting information circulating, the question remains: What is the true nature of their relationship?

The Origins of the Rumors

In late 2022, speculation arose regarding the romantic involvement of Leonardo DiCaprio and Gigi Hadid when they were seen together at various prominent gatherings. Lately, amidst these dating rumours, Leonardo and Gigi have been observed attending parties and events as a pair.

According to a recent report from Us Weekly, an insider revealed, “They’re only seeing each other right now. It’s [still] casual, and they aren’t labeling it, (but) they’re dating (again). Leo wants to take it slower with Gigi because there’s potential there, and he wants to preserve it,” 

Gigi and Leonardo’s relationship

Following her split from singer Zayn Malik – in October 2022, multiple reports confirmed that Gigi Hadid was dating Leonardo DiCaprio after his break up with Camila Morrone in August 2022.

 In November of that year, a source close to Gigi stated she was ‘smitten’ with the actor. “Gigi shares few details, but she very much enjoys seeing Leo,” the source had said. 

However, in early 2023, news broke that the pair had parted ways, but soon reports claimed they were still exploring their relationship. The news of them giving their relationship another chance comes after months of dating and breakup rumours.

Leonardo’s past relationships

Throughout his career, the acclaimed Oscar winner has been linked romantically to prominent Hollywood actors and renowned models from around the globe. It was rumoured that he had a brief romance with supermodel Naomi Campbell during the 1990s.

Among his many high-profile relationships, one of Leonardo’s most notable ex-girlfriends is the internationally recognised Gisele Bundchen. 

Their on-again, off-again relationship spanned from 1999 to 2005. Following their separation, the actor entered a relationship with Israeli model Bar Refaeli. Additionally, Leonardo’s list of former girlfriends includes the talented actor Blake Lively and the stunning model Nina Agdal.


Q1: When did Leonardo DiCaprio and Gigi Hadid first appear together? 

Initial reports of a potential romantic involvement between Leonardo DiCaprio and Gigi Hadid surfaced in September 2022 when they were seen together at an afterparty during New York Fashion Week. This occurred shortly after DiCaprio ended his four-year relationship with actress Camila Morrone.

Q2: Are Leonardo DiCaprio and Gigi Hadid in a relationship?

 Renowned actor Leonardo DiCaprio and American model Gigi Hadid were spotted attending back-to-back parties in the Hamptons on consecutive nights. A credible source, sharing details with Page Six, confirmed, “They are dating.”

Q3: What is Leonardo DiCaprio’s age? 

Leonardo DiCaprio is 48 years old.

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