Barry Humphries Farewell Tour – Eat Pray Laugh!

Barry Humphries Farewell Tour took place in 2014.

There is no question that thousands are turning up each night at the London Palladium to see the Queen Of Comedy – Dame Edna Everage, however, the true Star of the show is Edna’s manager & creator – 81 year old inspiration Barry Humphries.

For nearly 3 hours (eight times a week) Barry provides boundless energy, phenomenal comic timing & gains a respect & adoration of the audience within seconds of appearing on this remarkable stage.

Here’s the audio review via YouTube….

It has to be said that ‘Eat Pray Laugh’ is not for the children. Dame Edna & Les Patterson may profess to be a family entertainers, but you don’t have to dig deep to hear them whip out regular portions of outrageous innuendo.

The show begins with a BBQ and ends with the a camp Broadway belter – what more do you need? The show has a spiritual overtone and Dame Edna takes it upon herself to enlighten this ‘diverse’ audience and even wed a perfectly matched & delicious couple. Think Cilla meets Jerry Springer.

It is most unfortunate that the producers decided to open with warm-up man ‘Les Patterson’ – a vile and vulgar creature simply not worthy to take to the same stage as legend Edna. After dousing rows A-G is his DNA he did thankfully, pop off to take care of his ablutions and the show could begin! Phew.

What is clear from this master-class of comedy and performance is that Mr. Humphries is an incredibly talented actor, writer and performer. He shines during his stint as departed ‘Alexander Sandy Horrace Stone’. It is the only time in the show we get to see the subtle, moving and incredibly emotional side of Barry. It was blatantly obvious to everyone at the London Palladium that Barry is a million times smarter than all of his characters put together.

Of course Act 2 is dedicated to the biggest Star of Moonee Ponds. Dame Edna Everage is by far his most popular, lovable and accessible character. The audience were in the palm of her hand from the second she minced out. A rare wave of genuine excitement upon her entrance – much appreciated I know! The more she insulted the audience, the more they laughed and prayed she carry on.

The most refreshing thing about ‘Eat Pray Laugh’ is that this show is not PC – it doesn’t make fun of anyone, it makes fun of everyone.

From Asian to gay, from old to religious, from ugly to badly dressed – Edna gives it to everyone with both barrels. It’s done with with great heart but a bitter tongue! Again – the more personal she became, the more we howled.

Finally, as the curtain fell in the palace of show business, Barry Humphries appeared to thank his audience for their indulgence. It was much appreciated and rounded off one of the most fun, uplifting, inspiring and outrageous nights I’ve had in a theatre.

Reviews who have said “for his age” are doing Mr. Humphries a huge disservice. Barry’s performance was as enthusiastic, professional and brilliant as any of the young comics I’ve ever seen. If they had an ounce of intelligence they would sneak into the Palladium with a pen and paper to take notes on building rapport, having warmth and developing an unquestioning love and respect from your audience.

The London Palladium Theatre is the perfect from for Barry Humphries’ ‘Eat Pray Laugh’ – a palace of showbiz host to a king of comedy.

Checkout Dame Edna’s tour in Leeds, Cardiff, Manchester, Milton Keynes, Bristol, Southampton and more!

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