BBC1 Helicopter Heroes Behind The Scenes Leeds Bradford Airport Interviews

BBC1 Helicopter Heroes Behind The Scenes Leeds Bradford Airport Interviews.

Filmed at Leeds Bradford Airport, this docu-soap follows the life and careers of the crew @ Yorkshire’s Air Ambulance.

Helicopter Heroes looks at the life-saving work of an Air Ambulance crew as it responds to accidents and rescue missions on a daily basis.

The Yorkshire Air Ambulance costs over £7000 per day, that’s over £2 million per year to stay in the air.

Hear the Exclusive stories of the producers, crew and fundraisers @ Leeds Bradford Airport.

BBC helicopter heroes interviews BBC Helicopter Heroes behind the scenes interview Behind The Scenes Helicopter Heroes

Here’s Video Editor Laura…

Here’s The Helicopter Heroes Editor Ian Cundall….

Here’s The Yorkshire Air Ambulance Fundraiser….

It’s been described as one of the best jobs in TV, but making Helicopter Heroes is far from straightforward, as Assistant Producer Matt Richards explains.

From filming fallen rock climbers high in the Yorkshire Dales, to capturing the aftermath of motorway pile-ups, no two days working on Helicopter Heroes are ever the same.

Our BBC team is unique – the only broadcasters who are also full-time helicopter aircrew, trained to assist with navigating and operating the choppers.

Every day starts with the duty video journalist attending a thorough briefing with the rest of the helicopter crew. We’ll be told about the weather, military exercises taking place and other potential hazards.

From the moment the helicopter is scrambled, we have roughly two minutes to start five cameras, put on our flying helmet and strap in.

In the air we’re expected to help with the lookout – looking for other aircraft and assessing landing sites. Because only one member of the team can fly in the helicopter – the same person must be camera operator, sound recordist, producer and director.

Recorded 2011 by Alex Belfield for the BBC and Celebrity Radio.