Behind The Scenes @ SEXXY LAS VEGAS

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Behind The Scenes @ SEXXY LAS VEGAS…

Sexxy performs nightly at 10pm at WESTGATE Las Vegas.

This show has equal measure of sass, seduction, seXxiness, soul and silliness.

The show stars Jennifer Romas who not only dances sensationally but also created and produced  the show.

The production features the remarkable talents of 8 stunning girls who are unique, individual and tick every guys fantasy one by one.

The show is hosted by the gorgeous Gabriella Versace who sings up a storm and works the crowd magnificiently. She has a presence that is captivating. She proves her talent as a dancer….as well as being hot too!

We were honured to be invited backstage to meet the girls in their dressing rooms and during warm-up! Meet the entire cast in exclusive HD Video’s @ YouTube below…

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Enjoy Jennifer Romas’ life story interview. The lady who is SEXXY:

If you’ve never been to a Vegas revue / strip show before, they’re classy productions.

This is not a back street strip club. You get big production numbers, amazing choreography & the hottest dancers.

Enjoy our exclusive interview with singer, dancer and host Gabriella Versace:

One of the most sizzling girls in the show is Kelly. Flown in direct from Australia, this girl has got it.

Not only gorgeous, she’s the epitome of a Las Vegas Showgirl owning the stage and her sets…

Enjoy our TV interview with Kelly from Australia:

There’s something for everyone at SEXXY and Tarian is mesmerizing.

Some girls just have ‘it’. This girl makes it look easy. She also couldn’t be more lovely…

Enjoy our chat with the delicious Tarian backstage at Westgate:

Agnes and Danielle take us through their warm-up which is VERY necessary.

Agnes is a fire crack whilst Danielle will blow you mind with her incredible aerial act. Stunning.

Enjoy a warm up with Nikita and Danielle at SEXXY:

We loved meeting the girls from SEXXY @ Westgate:

Sklar is the ‘girl next door’….that never lives next door to me!

A tremendous dancer with a showstopping act in the show.

Meet Skylar at SEXXY via YouTube:

After the show we went backstage to film with Nikita.

The French are naturally sexxy – she was born to be in this show…

Here’s Nikita talking about her journey from Paris to the Las Vegas stage:

After the show you get to meet the cast and take photos.

Don’t forget to pick up a T-Shirt and some of the new merchandise.

Jennifer tells us more about SEXXY MERCHANDISE HERE:

Sexxy is a hoot. The girls are hot and the show is pure fun and escapism.

Don’t miss it nightly at WESTGATE Las Vegas.

Interviews by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 17th May 2019.