Bellagio Water Show O Cirque Du Soleil Review Las Vegas

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Bellagio Water Show O Cirque Du Soleil Review Las Vegas….

As far as Alex is concerned, “O” by Cirque Du Soleil is one of the most moving, powerful, spectacular & breath-taking productions in the world – EVER! Yes EVER!

This spectacle, acrobatics, music, lighting, incredible technology all make this unique show a must see when visiting Las Vegas.

O Bellagio cirque du soleil  O Cirque Du Soleil Bellagio Review

Everyone knows Cirque do not have boundaries and defy gravity, conventions and budgets to put on the biggest, best and most spectacular shows in the world.

“O” at Bellagio is the best of the best by far – and that is saying something as KA, Love & Zumanity, who are all totally unique and brilliant in their own way, is surpassed by this phenomenal production.

Here’s show Stars Denut & Zaphora….

This Canadian dance company have taken over the world with their incredible shows. It is much deserved as the talent with the productions (as well as the creatives) shine so far above most of the rest!

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“O” opened in 1998 and by 2011 had generated $1 Billion – (yes billion) and has now been performed over 6000 times to sell out audiences.

This show ticket is one of the most expensive on the strip, however, I promise you you won’t be disappointed and you will feel like you have seen every penny of your ticket in front of your eyes.

There is no way to do “O” proper justice other than to say this production is one of the most inventive, moving and cleverly staged productions in the world. It is naturally based around water (as in French for ‘O’ / Eau) which is perfect synergy with the glorious Bellgio Casino world famous fountains.

Cirque have a unique and hugely distinctive style which is world renowned.

Their make-up, costumes, sound and lighting come together to form seamless unique mix for art, dance, gymnastics, acrobatics and in “O” sycronised swimming.

I give “O” by Cirque Du Soleil 5*, 10 out of 10 and bravo for pure specatacle, bravery and tenacity to perform this mamouth production 10 times a week.

Enjoy “O” @ Bellagio Las Vegas nightly at 7pm & 9.30pm

(Don’t be late, the show starts 10 minutes before the curtain rises!)

Recorded @ Bellagio Las Vegas