Best Hypnotist Las Vegas Anthony Cools

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Who wants to see a hypnotist who helps you quit smoking. diet or stop drinking alcohol?

No thanks! I want to see a hypnotist who makes the public make love to chairs, orgasm on command and give (theatrical) ‘pleasure’ to a random stranger!

Anthony Cools has the longest running hypnotism show IN THE WORLD!

He’s good at tapping into the carnal desires and subconscious naughtiness of his audience.

As the show progresses this master of ceremonies eliminates inhibitions with fabulously outrageous and entertaining results inside the Anthony Cools Showroom @ Paris Las Vegas.

Cools has masterful stage presence and looks as if he was born to deliver this show. He’s unfazed by the shows ridiculousness and controls the chaos magnificently!

For us, Cools is the BEST HYPNOTIST LAS VEGAS 2015!

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Enjoy an Exclusive interview and review with Alex Belfield and Anthony @ Paris Las Vegas:

Signature stunts in the hilariously interactive 90-minute show include handshakes that induce shocking responses, as well as several other scandalous tricks.

Without the audience there’s no show! So join in and you could be a Las Vegas Star for the night!

This show is not for the faint of heart. It’s energetic, fun and packed with shenanigans!

Cool is a master communicator and looks totally on ease on stage.

A longtime performing hypnotist, Canadian-born Cools pushes the limits of the mind and body.

He remains careful not to embarrass his subjects, a courtesy that has earned him a cult following and rave reviews throughout his many years performing in Las Vegas.

He uses his comedy hypnosis skills for sinful purposes to get the public to play-out their most outrageous & risqué private lives!

In his intimate performance space, Cools stuns his audiences five nights a week with his unique and twisted comedy, always looking for his next lucky participant.

$48.35 – Time 9:00 PM

Days – Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

Contact – 855-234-7469

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Review by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 13th May 2015.