Billy Joel Movin’ Out Musical

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Billy Joel Movin’ Out Musical Review….

Belfield loves Movin’ Out. It was a mega hit on Broadway and even made it to the West End.

It’s the Broadway hit¬†featuring the songs of Billy Joel and choreography by Twyla Tharp.

The musical tells the story of a generation of American youth growing up on Long Island during the 1960s and their experiences with the Vietnam War.

The principal characters are drawn from those who appeared in various Joel tunes: high school sweethearts Brenda and Eddie (“Scenes from an Italian Restaurant”), James (“James”), Judy (“Why Judy Why”), and Tony (Anthony in “Movin’ Out”).

Billy Joel Singer michael cavanaugh movin out Movin' Out Billy Joel Musical BBC Interview & Review with Alex Belfield @ Keith Roberts Movin Out Interview

Here’s the show singer and pianist Michael Cavanaugh:

Here’s Keith Roberts, a principle dancer who spoke to Belfield on Broadway….

The show is unusual in that, unlike the traditional musical, it essentially is a series of dances linked by a thin plot, and none of the dancers sing.

All the vocals are performed by a pianist and band suspended on a platform above the stage while the dancers act out the songs dialogue, making the show, in essence, a rock ballet.

Recorded 2009 by Alex Belfield for the BBC and Celebrity Radio.