Birdsong UK Tour 2015 Review & Interview

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Birdsong UK Tour 2015 Review & Interview….

Birdsong is back on tour in 2015 and you can get full tour dates here.

With sensational reviews including the Telegraph “Superb” and the Mail “Heartbreakingly beautiful!”

Birdsong is a 1993 novel by English author Sebastian Faulks. It tells of a man called Stephen Wraysford at different stages of his life both before and during World War I.

Birdsong has an episodic structure, and is split into seven sections which move between three different periods of time before, during and after the war.

Birdsong UK Tour dates review 2015 Peter Duncan Life Story Intervew Peter Duncan Birdsong UK tour 2015 Interview review

Throughout Birdsong there are echoes of several war poets such as Siegfried Sassoon and Wilfred Owen.

Here’s the official trailer for Birdsong 2015:

Peter Duncan Stars in this new tour and production.

He was best known as a presenter on Blue Peter but was trained at the Italia Conti.

After a stint in repertory theatre playing roles such as Billy Liar and Alan Strang in ‘Equus’.

Duncan began a TV career playing leading roles in productions such as ‘The Childhood Friend’.

He’s also Starred in ‘Sons and Lovers’, ‘Renoir My Father’, ‘Oranges and Lemons’, ‘The Flockton Flyer’, ‘Space 1999’.

Peter Duncan Birdsong UK tour 2015 Interview review Peter Duncan Life Story Intervew Peter Duncan Blue Peter Presenter Interview

Peter has also appeared in many iconic musical theatre roles such as ‘Barnum’, Bill Snibson in ‘Me and my Girl’ and as Charlie Chaplin in ‘The Little Tramp’.

In 1995 he was nominated for an Olivier Award as Best Actor in a musical playing Denry Machin in ‘The Card’.

Enjoy an Exclusive life story interview with Peter Duncan who Stars in the show:

Birdsong is on tour through 2015.

Interview by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 29th Jan 2015.