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UK Tour Blood Brothers…

Blood Brothers is a beautiful play with music, rather than a traditional mindless musical. You have to invest time and heart in this devastating story.

This three hour theatrical goliath has gorgeous lyrics and a hugely witty and clever script by Willy Russell.

Blood Brothers tells the story of fraternal twins who were separated at birth but destined to remain together against all of the odds.

This show is over 30 years old but still feels contemporary. It’s the timeless story of love, loss, poverty & superstition – ultimately revolving around money, social standing and class.

With show stopping performances from Chisnall, Jones & Paul respectively – it’s a guaranteed hit although I do have a few concerns tonight…

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Blood Brothers Review UK Tour
Review Blood Brothers UK Tour 2016

Enjoy our Exclusive audio / video review:

Lyn Paul continues to lead the touring cast and gives a rawness & reality to the play which makes it totally immersive and compelling.

However, the hugely charismatic Dean Chisnall drives the show and out-sings the entire cast as the magnificent Narrator.

This West End pro brings a new depth to this character and his powerful, moving & pitch perfect voice raises the roof. His vocal prowess outshone everyone by a mile in Act 1.

Sean Jones continues to be the most perfect & brilliant ‘Micky’ in the shows history. In Act 2 he acts his socks off. He’s 100% believable.

Danielle Corlass continues to partner him masterfully as the adorable and gorgeous Linda.

There’s an elegance and simplicity about this show which is timeless.

The words are king and despite the occasional lighting or choreography development – it’s all about the heart, acting and story.

The sound, lighting and production was great tonight, but, some of the casting let down this magnificent show…

Sadly, the notion that Lyn Paul, 68, could have twins is impossible. This isn’t ‘ageist’, it’s reality. We can only suspend disbelief so far.

Kudos though for ‘Tell Me It’s Not True’ which is still sung divinely by this hugely talented star.

Furthermore, Mark Hutchinson didn’t look a day under 40 throughout the entire show….even when he was meant to be a 7 year old Eddie!

He looked more like he was at the bankers office Christmas party than primary school.

Nevertheless, God bless Blood Brothers! It’s still a must see gem of musical theatre.

May you tour forever….hopefully with a more age appropriate cast.

Review by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 22nd November 2017

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