BLT Prime Review 2016

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s BLT Prime Review 2016…

BLT Steak & BLT Prime are two of the most respected restaurant brands in the world.

I was delighted to visit BLT Prime in Miami at Trump in Jan 2016.

This is a fine dining restaurant offering generous portions, lovely service, a relaxed atmosphere and great food without pretention.

The menu is somewhat ‘manly’ with huge portions of steak, lobster and lamb. Beautiful cuts hand selected by top chefs.

With mid to high range prices, this is a treat eatery offering a memorable night out with a 4* overall experience.

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BLT Prime Review  BLT Prime Trump New York Bread BLT Restaurant popovers

Enjoy an Exclusive audio visual review via YouTube:

To begin, there is a lovely amuse bouche of pate with crustini – a lovely touch.

Next, the bread at BLT is 5*! The BLT Steak Gruyère Popovers are sensational! It’s effectively a fancy British ‘Yorkshire Pudding’ with beautifully salted butter.

I have to admit I could make a meal out of both of these. Utterly divine!

The touch of the recipe delivered with the ‘Popovers’ is a lovely touch and talking point.

BLT Prime Steak Review Trump BLT Review 2016 Lobster BLT Prime Review

So, to the food! The dinner menu is impressive…

To begin, start light – the portions are palatial at BLT.

The Caesar Salad is absolutely delicious and could easily be a meal itself.

The signature appetiser is the ‘Bacon’. It’s so simple but effective and goes perfectly with the ‘BLT bread’.

Not to everyone’s taste to begin but it’s packed with flavour, double cut bacon and simply served with parsley, garlic and sherry vinaigrette.

Review BLT Restaurant BLT Steak Bacon Appetiser Review BLT Steak Review 2016

To the mains and you will struggle to finish your plate!

The steaks are naturally packed with flavour and tender and easily could feed two.

The lobster entrée is divine. Once presented the server will take care of the messy stuff and re-serve it ready to eat.

I chose the Braised Short Ribs. So tender, moist and beautifully cooked.

This is oven braised for over 12 hours and served with a red wine, port, garlic-thyme brown butter and veal jus. Sensational.

Review BLT Prime Trump Hotel Doral Miami

You can add sides to accompany your meal including brussells, asparagus and various types of potatoes.

BLT Prime is a 4* indulgent night out. Top service, very unpretentious food and hugely generous portions.

Review by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 15th Jan 2016.