Border Grill At Mandalay Bay Las Vegas Review

The Border Grill at Mandalay Bay Las Vegas over looks the pool at Mandalay Bay.

The Border Grill at Mandalay Bay Las Vegas has a unique energy, rare authenticity as well as true character & punch in the menu & dining experience.

This vibrant, modern Mexican restaurant overlooking the Lazy River just off Mandalay Beach, offers relaxed dining with elegant and flavour packed cuisine.

Chefs Mary Sue Milliken and Susan Feniger from Food Network’s “Too Hot Tamales”, have made it their life’s work to offer sophisticated flavours with a twist on familiar food.

The atmosphere is loud and fiery, especially on the patio – as is the spice & kick in many of their dishes!

Border Grill’s presentation is beautiful and served by wonderful Mexican waiters who have as much passion for the food as the chefs.

This restaurant takes Mexican cuisine to a whole new level…

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Review Mexican Border Grill Mandalay Bay Las Vegas Bar
Review Border Grill Mandalay Bay Las Vegas

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You have several ways to dine at Border Grill – there’s the bar, restaurant and the patio.

Although noisy during ‘beach season’, the energy outside overlooking the mammoth Mandalay Bay Hotel & day club is remarkable.

Border Grill also offer a wonderful selection of drinks and special cocktails. Do try one!

I loved the Black Cherry Cocktail. Very naughty and decadent but utterly delicious.

The Loaded Corona was a fabulous talking point too…

Border Grill Review Bar Cocktail Menu
Review Border Grill Mandalay Bay Las Vegas Restaurant
Cocktails Border Grill Review

Once seated you will be greeted with tortilla chips and dips. A lovely amuse bouche whilst reading the menu.

I highly recommend the BG Guacamole which was utterly delicious. So simple, but a gorgeous creamy like texture! I could have literally eaten that as my entire meal.

The next dish was the first instance that you can tell this eatery has class and talented chefs. The Plantain Empanadas was a delight with black beans and cotija cheese.

Again, this dish has a kick – not for the faint of heart….

Border Grill Review Guacamole
Review Border Grill Mandalay Bay Las Vegas Patio

Next came the Octopus Asada….

This was my favourite thing on the menu and the best dish I’ve been served in Vegas this trip.

Sensational! Utterly delicious and wonderfully presented.

Served with piquillo confit, crispy potatoes, sorrel & herb puree – this was a stunning dish with perfectly balanced flavours.

The octopus itself was tender, moist and perfectly cooked. Beautiful. A 5* dish!….

Border Grill Review Octopus

The entrees at Border Grill include steaks, chicken and fish.

I could easily make a meal of the appetisers at this restaurant, but after a little palate cleanser, the mains were served…

The lime marinated half chicken was just gorgeous! Moist and beautifully presented.

Served with Mary’s organic chicken, (guaca)mole verde & fresh broccoli de cicco – a wonderful dish.

Border Grill Review
Patio Border Grill Mandalay Bay
Border Grill Review Entrees

The Skirt Steak at Border Grill was beautifully cooked, packed with flavour and a lovely twist on an American classic.

One of the most popular dishes on the menu, this has a rustic feel served with caramelized onions, poblano rajas & roasted tomato chimichurri.

(Portion sizes in this review are for tasting only and do not represent the size served off the menu).

border grill review skirt steak

The desserts, like the rest of the menu are a delicious and surprise and twist on what you may expect.

I opted for the Churros with berries & cream. A lovely end to a fabulous meal.

Refreshing, light & delicious….

Desserts Border Grill Menu Review

Border grill is a delightful restaurant offering authentic, delicious and flavour packed food.

Some of the dishes are hugely spicy, so go prepared for a taste sensation!

I’d go back just for the guacamole & octopus – sensational!

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Review by Alex Belfield @ www.celebrityradio.biz recorded 17th May 2014

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