Bourbon Street New Orleans NOLA Exclusive Review 2015

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Bourbon Street New Orleans NOLA Exclusive Review 2015….Bourbon Street is without question the heart of the French Quarter in New Orleans.One of the most famous streets in the world, and home to Mardi Gras – this is 24 hour party street!As you leave the sophisticated, modern and refined business district and Canal Street in NOLA, you might be surprised by the endless mix of strip clubs and bars…..Bourbon Street New Orleans Review (1) Bourbon Street New Orleans Review (2) Bourbon Street New Orleans Review (3)Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Exclusive audio / visual review of Bourbon Street New Orleans 2015 via YouTube:I visited New Orleans for the first time in Jan 2015 and was a little shocked by the tone of Bourbon Street….Being a lover of Las Vegas for over 20 years, I am no prude and certainly not surprised by what party towns can offer.What shocked me about Bourbon Street was how down market it felt not to mention intimidating and trashy it felt after dark.Endless lines of ‘bottomless’ clubs, T-shirt shops & rock music screaming bars….not the hub of Jazz I was hoping for.You will still find some traditional jazz (thank God) which was wonderfully refreshing and hugely enjoyable…Don’t let me be misunderstood, there is a great energy to Bourbon Street, it’s certainly full of life.Sadly though, it seems to me like it needs ‘cleaning up’ like Vegas & NYC did in the 90’s.The roads are a mess, the pavements are a nightmare and the atmosphere is at times intimidating.I honestly would not feel comfortable letting my daughter walk down Bourbon at night.That’s a sad statement for this gloriously historic town that has so much culture to offer.Bourbon Street New Orleans Review (4) Bourbon Street New Orleans Review (5) Bourbon Street New Orleans Review (6)I shouldn’t judge an entire City by one street, however, unfortunately for New Orleans – Bourbon Street is the only road anyone has heard of.Just seconds from this road there are some world class restaurants (August), some wonderfully traditional jazz bars (Palm Court) and top hotels (The Saint).As you move up BS, it does get better and certainly feels more traditional and what I hoped for.Some of the buildings are truly beautiful and fabulously decorated.It’s a great shame in places Bourbon Street feels more like Ibiza high street than a cultural mecca.Bourbon Street Review 2015 (1) Bourbon Street Review 2015 (2) Bourbon Street Review 2015 (3)I have not visited for Mardi Gras but I have a feeling it wouldn’t be for me.It seems ‘New Orleans’ wants party people, Hen parties and the young – I don’t think I qualify.What fascinates me is why New Orleans wants to be defined by this image? Especially considering its extraordinary history, fascinating culture and many attractions aside from Mardi Gras.More Live Jazz at Jackson Square just off Bourbon Street:If you want a party – Bourbon Street is definitely for you.If not, my advice is to simply avoid Bourbon Street all together and enjoy all of the wonderful streets that surround it.Review by Alex Belfield at Celebrity Radio 17th Jan 2015.

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