Brandon Pereyda Interview Chains Zumanity Las Vegas

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Brandon Pereyda Chains Interview Zumanity Las Vegas…

Brandon Pereyda is one of the worlds most brilliant & unique performers EVER!

His ‘Chains’ act is breath taking and pushes the human physicality to it’s limits.

Brandon brings fantasies to life. He flies and defies gravity on his chains.

Dreams take flight as he soars through the air, performing daring feats of aerial athleticism choreography and strength.

It is truly one of the most dramatic, impressive, moving and brilliant acts anywhere around the world!


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Here’s Brandon in conversation with Alex Belfield:

I first saw Zumanity nearly 10 years ago. It has always been one of my favourite Las Vegas shows ever since.

Exploring the sensuality and peculiarity of the sexual spectrum – 18+ to get in – this show is sexy, hysterical, breath-taking, moving, naught and at times filthy!

It was born to play Las Vegas. We love it!

Here’s Alex & Brandon in 2015:

Brandon Chains Zumanity Interview Alex Belfield

From the most captivating aerial acts to raunchy comedy – this show has it all.

It’s certainly the bravest of all Cirque Du Soleil’s productions – pushing boundaries and forcing the audience to question their own preconceptions, parameters and desires.

Zumanity will blow your mind (and potentially other things too)!

Celebrity Radio’s SEXIEST LAS VEGAS SHOW 2015!

Interview recorded by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 22nd October 2015.

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