“Bray Wyatt’s Sensational Comeback: 6 Explosive Rivalries Await in WWE

Prashant Kumar

“Bray Wyatt’s Sensational Comeback: 6 Explosive Rivalries Await in WWE

Wyatt’s highly anticipated return to the wrestling world has caused a frenzy among fans. Speculating about his whereabouts has been rampant after a noticeable absence from WWE television. Despite missing several episodes of WWE Friday Night SmackDown, the enigmatic and captivating character is eagerly awaited by viewers. 

While the exact timing of his reappearance remains uncertain, six superstars could potentially engage in feuds with Bray Wyatt upon his return to WWE tapings.

“The Fiend” vs “The Tribal Chief” Roman Reigns

Bray Wyatt and Roman Reigns: a riveting Rivalry and power struggle. In 2020, Wyatt snatched the Universal Championship from Braun Strowman, blindsided by Reigns. This bitter feud resonated with fans questioning Reigns’ push.

One of the most anticipated feuds for Bray Wyatt after his return is with the dominant Universal Champion, Roman Reigns. Both Wyatt and Reigns possess vital character work and can captivate audiences. The dark charisma of “The Fiend” could clash with the arrogance and power of Reigns, creating a thrilling and unpredictable storyline that could electrify WWE fans.

Bray Wyatt vs “The Demon” Finn Balor

Bray Wyatt’s return sets the stage for an epic clash with Finn Balor and his alter ego, “The Demon.” The mysterious and macabre nature of both characters promises an intriguing matchup. 

Wyatt’s twisted mind games pitted against Balor’s demonic persona would create a chilling atmosphere, keeping fans on the edge of their seats. This feud could showcase both wrestlers’ supernatural abilities and storytelling skills. Although they have faced each other before, their otherworldly personas have yet to collide in significant events like SummerSlam. 

Balor’s Demon is a ferocious side of him that emerges against formidable opponents, as seen in his unforgettable match against Edge at WrestleMania 39. Wyatt’s career skyrocketed with the introduction of The Fiend in 2019, portraying him as an unstoppable force. If Wyatt returns this feared persona and begins feuding with Balor upon his return, it will undoubtedly be an epic rivalry.

Bray Wyatt vs Cody Rhodes

The potential rivalry between Cody Rhodes and Bray Wyatt in WWE is a captivating opportunity that should be pursued. Their current career stages bring a fresh and intriguing dynamic compared to their last time on the roster. Both men excel in storytelling and pay close attention to detail, making them a perfect match for a compelling storyline. 

Rhodes’ exceptional selling skills would enhance Wyatt’s portrayal as a formidable monster, resulting in impactful and unforgettable clashes. With their shared dedication to pushing storylines and delivering nuanced performances, Rhodes and Wyatt possess the ability to create pure magic in the ring.

Bray Wyatt vs Edge

The potential Bray Wyatt vs Edge matchup is a true dream for fans. It’s an ideal situation for Wyatt, as he gets to face off against the legendary superstar. Edge’s involvement instantly spotlights Wyatt, generating significant attention and prestige for their feud.

One significant Edge in this match is his exceptional selling ability. He is known for his ability to tell stories in the ring, bringing high emotion and intensity to his games. His skills as a seller could greatly enhance Wyatt’s offence and overall presentation, making him even more formidable and intimidating.

Moreover, both Wyatt and Edge are masterful storytellers. They excel at weaving intricate narratives, creating suspense, and building drama. This shared talent for storytelling could result in a captivating feud with deep psychological elements, stunning fans with complexity and depth.

Bray Wyatt vs Bobby Lashley

Bray Wyatt’s injury disrupted his feud with Bobby Lashley, but his return presents an opportunity for WWE to revive their rivalry. A compelling move would be to have Wyatt interfere in Lashley’s Backlash 2023 match, reigniting their unfinished business. It would be intriguing to witness the clash between “The Almighty” and the Eater of the World, as both men are highly skilled in the squared circle.

Bray Wyatt vs Randy Orton 

Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt, absent from WWE due to injuries and illness, may see their rivalry reignited after several years. With their prolonged absence, WWE has a significant opportunity to reintroduce their feud through a fresh storyline. As Orton returns, so does Wyatt, lurking in every corner Orton ventures into.

This potential revival could provide a new beginning for both superstars, as they have proven to be exceptional in-ring performers, delivering some of the organisation’s most memorable matches. Continuing the storied rivalry between Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton would incorporate their rich history, including intense battles and psychological mind games.

The blend of Wyatt’s supernatural elements and Orton’s manipulative style would create a compelling and personal feud that has the potential to captivate the WWE Universe once again.

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