Cannon And Ball Life Story Interview

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Cannon And Ball Life Story Interview…..

In 2008 Belfield caught up with the Stars of showbiz ‘Cannon and Ball’.

Tommy Cannon and Bobby Ball have been working for over 40 years.

In 2014 Bobby Ball Starred in ‘Mount Pleasant’ on Sky Living

Cannnon and Ball Life Story Interview Cannon and Ball interview Interview Cannon And Ball

They came to Nottingham to Star in ‘Big Bad House’….a farce perfectly suited to their act.

Bobby was born in Oldham and was in the business as a child.  As he got older he thought he should get a “proper job” and so that’s exactly what he did. He went to work in a factory to work as a welder and it was here that he met his future partner, Thomas Derbyshire.

Bob did some singing on the weekends and asked Tom if he would like to go with him one weekend.  From there the act developed gradually.

Tommy was born in Oldham and by his teenage years was working as a welder.  Here he met Robert Harper and they became friends.  Tommy went with Bob to his gigs singing on a weekend.  Over time, he became part of the act which evolved from singing as a duo, a trio, a musical act to what we know today, a mixture of the two, they can easily turn their hand to either one when necessary.  The balanced product is what we all love about seeing Cannon and Ball.

Tommy names as his comedic influences, Abbott and Costello, Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis and he also loved Morecambe and Wise and Tommy Cooper.

Recorded 2008 @ Nottingham by Alex Belfield for the BBC and Celebrity Radio.