Cannon & Ball Interview 2018

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Cannon & Ball Interview 2018…

Bobby Ball and Tommy Cannon have been showbiz legends for over 50 years!

Cannon and Ball landed their own ITV series in the 80s, The Cannon and Ball Show, which ran for twelve years and had a prime-time Saturday night audience of 20 million viewers.

C&B are pantomime & touring icons who appeared on I’m A Celebrity in 2005. The pair currently star in Last Laugh in Vegas on ITV Tuesday’s at 9pm.

They’re currently touring their variety show within a play, written by Bobby, called ‘The Dressing Room’. This is a brilliantly uplifting 5* variety show.

Johnnie Casson is showcased as a sensational stand-up comedian in Act 1 whilst Cannon & Ball are hysterical and shine with their high energy shenanigans in Act 2. Read my full review HERE.

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Enjoy an exclusive interview with Cannon & Ball with Alex via YouTube:

Robert Harper, known professionally as Bobby Ball, 74, shot to stardom with his catchphrase “Rock On Tommy”.

Thomas Derbyshire, known as Tommy Cannon, 79, was the chairman of Rochdale Football Club until 1988.

Here’s the cast of ITV’s LLIV. Here more interviews with Jess, Su & Bernie HERE:


Apart from being part of Cannon and Ball Bobby has starred in a number of TV shows. He played Lenny in the BBC comedy Last of the Summer Wine from 2005 until 2008.

Meanwhile Tommy has starred on various shows Coachtrip, Not Going Out & Celebrity Masterchef.

Here’s Alex with Cannon & Ball in April 2018:

Cannon and Ball will be appearing in pantomime in Crewe at the Lyceum from Dec 14th 2018 for 3 weeks in Jack & The Beanstalk.

Interview by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 8th April 2018.