Carmine’s Italian Restaurant Review

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Carmine’s Italian Restaurant Review Las Vegas…..

Carmine’s is a sensational Southern Italian family-style restaurant that has been offering exceptional value for money, ludicrously generous portion size and amazing quality food for more than 20 years.

With locations in New York, Atlantic City, Washington D.C., the Bahamas and most recently Las Vegas – I recommend you book in advance to avoid disappointment!

Their Las Vegas eatery at the Forum Shops inside Caesars Palace has a gorgeous room, exceptional service and consistently beautiful cuisine.

This is truly one of our favourite restaurants in the entire world!

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In 2013, Carmine’s opened its latest location in Las Vegas at The Forum Shops at Caesar’s.

Perfect for large groups, the 27,000 square-foot restaurant features nine private dining rooms and more than 750 seats.

With menu’s on the wall – this feels like a dining event, exciting and fun!

The food is authentic and despite the enormous portions, the quality is not compromised.

So to the food….

The bread is excellent and the house chopped salad is a meal in itself. Fabulous.

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You HAVE to try the stuffed artichoke! No really, they’re sensational! It would without question be at my last super. Just divine.

I don’t know how they do it but it’s packed with flavour and such fun to devour!

Next, the chicken wings were a huge surprise! Not your average bar wings, these are packed with flavour, tender and have a lovely lemon kick creating a fabulous start to the meal.

You have to try Carmine’s pasta. Easily enough for a family and their relatives – this is perfectly cooked and the sauce is just like mama used to make it.

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I cannot highly recommend the Chicken Parmigiana enough.

It was so beautiful and delicious – Italian perfection on the plate from Carmine’s.

Next the most insane dish I have EVER been served in 20 years of reviewing restaurants….

The Carmine ’40 Oz Beef Thursday Special’! Hooley Dooley….

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Wow – this was a carnivores delight.

With crispy onions (divine), gorgeous mushrooms & stuffed tomato plus the perfect asparagus – this was a dish made for 10!

What a talking point. I’ll remember this dish and meal for the rest of my life.

The beef was cooked to perfection, as requested medium, and the flavour & texture was sensational. Glorious!

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Finally – Oy Vey – If you thought the beef was a challenge to your belt strap – I present to you, ‘The Titanic!’

I think it’s called the Titanic as you need to go down for a rest for an hour after you’ve tried to defeat this enormous dessert.

What can I say – it’s the most ludicrously fabulous dessert I’ve ever been served!

However, what’s remarkable is that despite the ridiculous enormity, it is still hugely delicious and prepared with the best dessert ingredients.

The chocolate torte at the bottom was sensational. By favourite by a mile. So moreish and delicious.

The 1lB of ice-cream was crazy, the cream didn’t stop coming and the strawberries and chocolate sauce were the icing on the cake!

Did I forget the bananas?

If nothing else, this is a talking point of epic proportions and a dessert you will remember FOREVER!…..

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Carmine’s is a truly memorable and sensational eatery which I adore.

They do not forfeit quality for portion control. It’s amazing food prepared like mama did to feed the entire family.

Go hungry and take friends. MANY friends!


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Review by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 14th May 2015.

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