Carol Smillie Interview 2018

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Carol Smillie Interview…

Carol is a wife and mother of three grown up children and is one of TV’s best-known faces.

Her daughter Jodie Knight appeared on The Voice UK in 2018. Watch here.

Smillie shot to fame on Wheel of Fortune and went on to present the BBC’S iconic show Changing Rooms, which earned her invitations to Buckingham Palace, Downing Street, Carol earned a National TV Award and Bafta nomination.

Today is ‘International Day of Happiness’, but it seems many on our isles are failing to find reason to join in. Find out more AT RICOLA!

Research out today as part of the ‘Be More Swiss’ movement reveals just 3 in 10 (29%) Britons think the UK is a happy place to live and the majority (58%) are open to moving abroad in order to be happier.

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Enjoy an exclusive interview with Carol and Alex via YouTube:

The study by Ricola goes on to show what it is about the UK that so gets us down day-to-day. Rudeness irks people the most (60%) closely followed by the weather (53%). Other common annoyances include: queues (25%), litter (34%) and, perhaps ironically, moaners (43%). While it’s not known if this is an increase or not, UK politics is also a cause of everyday unhappiness for 2 in 5 (41%) of us.

She became synonymous with Ronni Ancona’s alter ego ‘Smillie Smillie Carol Smillie’ Other shows quickly followed like Dream Holiday Home (C5) A Brush With Fame (ITV1) , she even took part in Strictly Come Dancing (BBC1) winning 5th place.

She has published her own book,’Carol Smillie’s Working Mum’s Handbook’ and pre and post natal fitness DVD “Changing Shape’ as well as columns in Woman’s Own and The Sunday Times.