Ceri Dupree Review 2017

Ceri Dupree Review 2017…

There’s no question that Ceri Dupree is (by far) the UK’s leading female impressionist.

Having Starred in pantomime, in the biggest theatre’s in the UK, for over 20 years, it’s not surprising that in cabaret, Dupree is one of the UK’s most popular and busy Stars.

NOBODY works harder (on stage or off) during their show to captivate audiences with over 15 characters – all immaculately written, produced & designed by Dupree and his team.

it’s a combination of the finest wigs, make-up, costumes, shoes, props & jewellery (not forgetting the script) – that creates a truly sensational act.

Most importantly Ceri’s energy and comic timing is faultless. He makes what is an incredibly complicated, meticulous and difficult show look effortless.

A lifetime of dedication to his art has created one of the most unique, brilliant and sensational acts that is unrivalled in the UK….and possibly anywhere else in the world.

No wonder tonight’s show had 2 standing ovations!


Enjoy an archive interview with Ceri backstage after his show via YouTube:

I re-visited Ceri tonight at Curve Leicester where he has performed 7 sell-out shows this week – a remarkable achievement that few household names would even attempt.

With brand new costumes, characters, comedy bits and songs – this was a LMFAO 3 hours of variety, comedy and inspiring craftsmanship.

Ceri is untouchable when it comes to effort. The costumes cost a fortune and I’ve never seen anyone else go to such effort and lengths to honour those that he is impersonating.

Tonight he smashed it mixing legends like Dolly, Cher, Dame Edna, Gladys Pugh, Bassey with sensational & hysterical new characters & parodies like Lady Gaga, Bjork & Tina Turner.

Most impressive of all is that The Ceri Dupree show is 100% LIVE  – you don’t even get that anywhere in Vegas.

Bravo Ceri, the last of his quality and the best since Danny La Rue by a mile!

Review by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 4th Feb 2017.

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