Charlie And The Chocolate Factory Review West End

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‘Charlie And The Chocolate Factory’ at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane is the epitome of a ‘West End Spectacular’ – and of rare Broadway standard production in London.

It’s the triple threat of a clever script, top score and compelling spectacle.

This Roald Dahl masterpiece has stunning staging, remarkable lighting & beautiful performances from a hugely talented cast.

You can clearly see where all of the £10m was spent to in front of your eyes….

Charlie Chocolate Factory Musical Review West End  

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The first half of the show puts me in mind of the brilliant Oliver – perfectly acted, moving, dark and brings the book to life perfectly with true heart.

The second half, (inside the Factory), feels much more 2015 & offers ludicrously huge show numbers that allows this musical to compete visually with the best shows in the world.

This musical uses technology and theatrics to create a hugely stimulating show for all ages.

London Review Charlie and the chocolate factory Musical Theatre Royal Drury Lane

There are magical illusions throughout, enormous 360 degree moving sets and all of the colour and drama you imagined in the book.

If I were to be overly critical, the first half felt slightly ponderous at times, certainly compared to the second half. It is a show of two half’s….the first feeling more like a play, the send is just sensational fun.

Ultimately all we really want is to see the Umper-Lumpa’s who unsurprisingly stole the entire show with a massively camp and over-the-top numbers in act two.

Alex Jennings is the epitome of Willy Wonka!….he’s a true Star who owns the stage.

Charlie Willy Wonka Musical Review london

He’s slightly creepy, mostly sarcastic, truly magical and totally owns the role. I loved his campery and voice – compelling. Magnificent casting and slightly more creative than the original Willy.

The kids in this show are stunning, especially Zachary Loonie, Charlie, who is up there with any Billy Elliot in terms of stage presence and delivery. Mind-blowingly brilliant.

Charlie has been wowing audiences since 2013 and deserves to last in the West End.

I reviewed a dreaded Wednesday matinee surrounded by children. I was terrified, but, they were captivated from the overture to until the breath-taking end. That is a testament to script and visuals.

Theatre Royal Drury Lane Charlie Chocolate Factory Review Musical Review Charlie and the chocolate factory Charlie and the chocolate factory musical review

It’s great fun (especially in the fast paced second half) and showcases some wonderful talent with some very music, reminding us of when musicals had budgets, a story and Stars in every role.

The finale of the show is hugely moving, magical (literally) and truly magnificent.

The second half would be worth the ticket price alone!

Don’t miss Charlie @ the Theatre Royal Drury Lane.

Review by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 5th March 2015.