Charlie Landsborough Interview

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Charlie Landsborough Life Story Interview 2017….

Charlie Landsborough is one of the a British country and folk musician and singer-songwriter.

He started singing professionally in the 1970s, although his major success didn’t come until 1994 with his song “What Colour is the Wind”.

Since then he is now one of the UK’s top country acts. He is also popular in Ireland, Australia and New Zealand.

Born in Wrexham, Landsborough was the youngest of 11 children. He was raised by the docklands of Birkenhead.

He was in the army for four years, in the early 1960s, and joined a group, The Chicago Sect, in Germany.

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Returning to England, he married, played in local bands, and worked in a variety of jobs before becoming a teacher at Portland Combined School on Laird street, Birkenhead.

“What Colour is the Wind” was performed on RTÉ’s Kenny Live Show. The song was used as the title track of Landsborough’s first album.

Overall, sales of his albums have exceeded 700,000 units. He also has had two number ones singles in the Irish pop charts, and several of his albums have topped the British country charts.

He has performed at most major concert halls and theatres in the UK, including the London Palladium. He also toured Australia and New Zealand in 2001

Interview by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 13th Feb 2017.