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Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Chelsea Handler Review 2014 Uganda Be Kidding Me…..

Chelsea Handler came to my attention on E! three years ago with the ‘Chelsea Lately Show’. When I heard she was coming to London I had to see her Live!

Don’t mess with Chelsea or expect ‘nice’ though – she’s sassy, outrageous, in-your-face, hysterical and formidably aggressive!

In 2014 Ms. Handler told the bosses at E! to “go F themselves” as she walked away from her multi-million dollar TV contract. She blasted the channel across the media as useless. This woman definitely knows her own mind.

Chelsea began her career as stand-up and appears totally fearless with seemingly no boundaries whatsoever.

She doesn’t try to have the ‘gaggy’ charm of Silverman, Lisa Lampanelli, Joan Rivers or the other big-time ‘Queen’s Of Mean’. They appear to have their tongues firmly in their cheek with most of their targets – Handler comes across that she absolutely believes it.

With material including ‘Aids won’t hold me back’, ‘my father sexually harasses his carers’ and ‘vaginal waxing’ – this is no limits comedy.

On July 12th Chelsea brought her Live show to the London Palladium…..

Chelsea Handler Review 2014 Chelsea Handler Interview and review 2014 Chelsea Handler E! Review

The night began with warm-up by Katherine Ryan, the equally ballsy Canadian who is one of the most slick comedians I’ve seen in years.

Her powerhouse performance crescendo’s with a compelling and buttock-clenchingly brilliant observation of Beyonce.

Here’s Alex Belfield’s Audio/Visual Review Via YouTube:

No-one is safe! Tulisa gets it both barrels (not for the first time) and even her own daughter gets huge laughs. A master-class in delivery and timing.

So it’s now 9pm and Ms. Handler makes it to the stage to with a Palladium sized welcome. The crowd who attended were definitely on her side.

Chelsea’s levels of cool are only to be admired. Some could argue her delivery is positively horizontal. She’s clearly totally at home on stage and in no fear of ‘The World Famous London Palladium’.

This show is not for the faint of heart.

As you would expect, Chelsea’s act is littered with profanity – which the audience seemed to find hugely hysterical.

The thing about Chelsea is she appears to be ‘the girl next door’ and ‘one of us’. The fact she’s now a multi-millionaire comedian is neither here nor there.

Unlike schticky comics who build to a punchline, over-sell and jump on stage with boundless enthusiasm – Chelsea is quite the opposite, it’s a rhetorical conversation about her life.

Hecklers were swiftly told to “shut the F up, this is not interactive”.

She’s been touring this show, off the back of her #1 best selling book in the US for over a year to great acclaim.

Chelsea Handler Lately Review Chelsea Lately Review 2014 Chelsea Lately Handler Review 2014

This one night stand felt like a huge event to her audience…. Ms. Handler seemed quite at home with the concept as she regailed stories of intimate waxing, personal indiscretion, her fathers dysfunctional relationship to his carers and even ‘Aids in Africa’.

Despite her confidence, the show was a little clunky with her self-operated projection screen. Surely one of her endless assistants she describes throughout the performance could have pressed the nobs for her?

There’s a great warmth to Chelsea despite her material being brutal. She appears to have the back bone of the elephant pictured in the promo pics. Something tells me she cares far more than she lets on.

For me I could have done without the ‘can black people smile so I can see you’ 1980’s Bernard Manning Schtick – but who am I to judge? – her dedicated fans loved it. I was speechless as were those who left the auditorium seconds afterwards.

This is not a polished energetic gag-filled Peter Kay, Eddie Izzard or Russell Brand fuelled performance….it’s more Louis CK cool with the compelling vulgar story telling intrigue and qualities of an incredibly blue Bill Cosby.

It’s like listening to very funny friend tell her best stories without interruption. I wouldn’t interrupt if I were you – it won’t be welcomed by CH!

So that’s my review and I’m absolutely sure if Chelsea was sent it she wouldn’t read it and if she did she wouldn’t care less.

Don’t mess with Chelsea – she’s sassy, outrageous, in-your-face, hysterical and a formidable comedian.

Her fans clearly and truly love her – for me I left a little deflated.

Chelsea Handler You Gotta Be Kidding me

Review uploaded 12th July 2014.