Chez Mal Brasserie Review

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Chez Mal Brasserie Review….

Chez Mal Brasserie is a stylish, modern and incredibly appetising eatery offering a twist on the traditional fare.

With a high end American steak house feel – this Bar & Brasserie offers relaxed elegance.

There’s daily plat du jour as well as classics such as tuna tartare, strip steaks, ale moules frites and a gourmet burger.

It’s not pretentious, just adventurous.

With a fun atmosphere, stunning views, excellent service, good value for money – you can’t go wrong with a night out at Chez Mal.

You can start your night in the bar on the first floor of the Malmaison Newcastle – eat at the Brasserie and then return to the Chez Bar for the perfect night out – Bingo!

Mal Chez Dinner Review  Chez Mal Brasserie & Bar Review (7) Mal Chez Dinner Review Malmaison Newcastle

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The portions are generous and the ingredients are well sourced, great quality and beautifully presented.

This restaurant isn’t trying to be ‘cheap’. It’s accessible fine dining with incredible views over the Tyne Bridge.

So the food begins….

There are many fun surprises on the menu like shrimp lettuce tacos. I had to try this with fresh mango, mint, coriander and red chilli – this is a hugely refreshing and light dish.

(All of the following appetisers are ‘taster’ size for review)…

Mal Maison Restaurant Chez Mal Appetiser  Chez Mal Appetiser shrimp tacos Chez Mal Appetiser dining room

I wanted to sample the seared scallops. The art to scallops is ‘less is more’.

Despite added chorizo and spinach puree –  these were somewhat ‘busy’, but never they tasted totally fresh and delicious.

Finally to begin I couldn’t resist sampling the BBQ chicken lollipops. An modern American classic and perfectly tender.

Collectively this was a brilliantly flavoursome way to start the meal…..

Chez Mal Appetiser Scallops Restaurant At Malmaison Newcastle Chez Mal Appetiser Appetisers

For the entree’s you cannot visit Chez Mal without indulging in a steak. Recommended highly by my server – this was packed with flavour.

With bearnaise sauce on the side – this was the perfect brasserie dish.

The Mal Burger also comes with great aplomb. Who could resist? It was excellent and perfectly cooked.

The Mal Salsa was sensational added gorgeous zing to the dish. The Ayrshire bacon and gruyere cheese made it the perfect burger.

Finally fresh fish is a must at Malmaison. From lobster to haddock they do it all.

The Tuna Mignon with bok choy and ginger soy dressing which looked divine.

Entree's Chez Mal Restaurant Review (4) Entree's Chez Mal Restaurant Review (3) Entree's Chez Mal Restaurant Review (7)

The desserts at Mal Chez are fun and indulgent and the perfect ending to a lovely meal.

There’s the delicious Crème Brûlée – crispy on top and fab in the middle. Just like it should be.

Next came my favourite dessert by far! Gorgeous pineapple very thinly sliced with mint. Soooo refreshing, fresh, sweet and such a lovely end to the meal.

Finally the ‘Mal Chocolate’ was basically creamy, chocolaty indulgence.

Dessert Chez Mal Restaurant Newcastle (1) Dessert Chez Mal Restaurant Newcastle (3) Dessert Chez Mal Restaurant Newcastle (2)

Overall the service was excellent, the room was superb and the food was very enjoyable.

Mal Chez has everything going for it in terms of dining experience and views over the Tyne. Definitely worth a visit!

Address: 104 Quayside, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 3DX

Phone: 0844 693 0658

Review by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 14th April 2015.