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Clive James was one of the biggest chat show Stars in the 80/90’s.

Sadly in 2014 Clive James announced he has terminal cancer.

He’s interviewed everyone who’s anyone and most famously had a wonderful friendship with Princess Diana.

Mr. James is an Australian author, critic, broadcaster, poet, translator and memoirist, best known for his autobiographical series Unreliable Memoirs, for his chat shows and documentaries on British television and for his prolific journalism.

He has lived and worked in the UK since the early 1960s.

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Clive talks Exclusively to Alex Belfield about his remarkable life in Show Business….

Here’s Alex & Clive….

Clive James Interview & Life Story with Alex Belfield @

For much of his early life, James was a heavy drinker and smoker.

He recorded in North Face of Soho his habit of filling a hubcap ashtray daily. At various times he wrote of attempts – intermittently successful – to give up drinking and smoking.

He admitted smoking 80 cigarettes a day for a number of years.

In April 2011, after media speculation that he had suffered kidney failure, James confirmed that he was suffering from B-cell chronic lymphocytic leukemia and had been in treatment for 15 months at Addenbrooke’s Hospital.

In an interview with BBC Radio 4 in June 2012, James admitted that the disease “had beaten him” and that he was “near the end”.

He said that he was also diagnosed with emphysema and kidney failure in early 2010.

On 3 September 2013, a television interview, Clive James: The Kid from Kogarah, was broadcast by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) with James interviewed by journalist Kerry O’Brien.

The interview was filmed in the library of his old college at Cambridge University.

In a BBC interview with Charlie Stayt, broadcast on 31 March 2015, James described himself as “near to death but thankful for life”.

Recorded 2008 by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio.