Club Lexus Review 2016

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Exclusive Club Lexus Review 2016….

Club Lexus at BB&T Center South Florda, is the most impressive VIP lounge experience I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying at any Live venue in the world!

With private security and check-in, a busy but not crowded atmosphere & remarkable food – this is a remarkable value ‘airline’ style lounge experience before and throughout any Live event.

You are directly connected to the BB&T Center arena and can get entry for the food & drinks from 90 minutes before the event.

The food is exceptional! Restaurant quality food in a beautifully presented buffet style.

The staff are remarkably helpful and overall this a 5* experience making an often tortuous arena visit an absolute pleasure!


Club Lexus BB&T Arena
Club Lexus Review Florida
Club Lexus Food BB&T Center

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This room is beautifully designed, spacious and located at the main entrance to the arena.

You do not need queue with the 21,000 other guests, beat the traffic, arrive early, park for free and use the private Club Lexus entrance.

Once in the lounge you’ll get VIP table service, a three course buffet dinner and drinks throughout the performance at the enormous bar.

You won’t need to leave the lounge as you can access your arena seat through the back of the lounge with brilliant seats for the event.

There are private toilets in the lounge too.

Food Club Lexus Review
Club Lexus Free Bar BB&T Center
Club Lexus Dessert review

Enjoy Premium views for both hockey and events in this all-inclusive food and beverage area.

• All-Inclusive Food, Beer, Wine and Soda
• Reserved Valet Parking at BB&T Center
• Private Entry into the Club from the Main Concourse & Seating Area
• Private Seating Area with 12,000 sq.ft. Lounge
• Private Restrooms
•Wait Staff Service in Club Lexus Lounge
• Exclusive Free WiFi
• Available for Hockey & Events

Club Lexus Food Review
Club Lexus Review Entrance to Arena
Bar Club Lexus Review

What is glorious about this lounge is that you are part of the amazing atmosphere but have the option to enjoy the luxury of space and privacy in the Club.

The food is remarkable quality with oysters, prime rib, salads and shrimp in infinite supply.

Wine, beer, soda and coffee is available on tap.

This is a 5* experience which I can’t wait to enjoy again.

Review by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 17th Jan 2015.

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